Edmontons gonna thunder tonight

Lil Hughie figures its time to bring out the sticks, thunder sticks.

How original!

Argggggggg, i really hate those things.

did anyone else here stupid burris call commonwealth staduuim

TOMMONWEALTH, STADIUM LAST NIGHT,i was sick to ym stomach when i heard tht

I also heard that Burris was quoted saying that the Stamps are the best team in the league. Did anyone else hear this as I did not hear the actual interview myself. They were talking with various Esks about the quote and none were really biting although it was pretty clear that the sheer arrogance of the comment coming from a QB whose record this season isn't even over .500 was ridiculous. All they could get out of them was, let's wait and see when the dust settles. I don't know if he was trying to fire up the Esks for the game or what, but this will just add to the desire and adrenaline for the Esks.

If that's the case, he better step up. If we come close to a record crowd that will put us over 60,000 strong at Commonwealth on Friday. If they thought it was tough to hear in McMahon on Monday, Burris and co better be working on that silent snap count cause they won't be able to hear anything tonight.


....I like the idea of Edmonton being referred to as Thunder 'cause everyone knows that always comes behind the Lightning......which must be my team eh?, can't have Thunder without Lightning....... :lol:

....they did the thunder sticks here on Monday as well, funny part is when groups stash up like twenty each man and then have a total war in the stands with them, saw a lot of that in the EE fan zone Monday......but, hey!, what's the deal with no streakers bolting out of the EE section?....I don't think I saw a single naked fan dragged away by Calgary's Finest.......maybe had something to do with a dozen boys-in-blue parked in front of those sections....

.......silent count is a must super, I think you'll see a lot of that tonight, 'course the best way to quiet up a crowd of any size is with some quick points on the board.........we shall see.........

......didn't hear anything about the Burris quote down here.......

supertoe get your facts right would ya.

Dont blame or quote Burris for everything.

The quote goes like this. "I think were better then every team we've played
so far." "I come out of every game saying , If only we could have these five
plays back, things would be different."

"But we have to play the games. Hopefully were learning from this stuff."


It is really hard to beat the same team back to back.........but if EDMONTON can do it.......that would be quite a feat.

that is quite good , the first part about thunder and lightning. :smiley:

I also hate those thunder sticks. And RedandWhite there were no streakers or even runners at TAylor Field either on Sunday. I was quite suprised.

Anyway, that's why I asked about it Eskylo. I'm hoping for a good game tonight and think the Esks will need the A+ game for 60 minutes to be victorious. If weather becomes a factor our lack of a running game could show up big time.

No problem, just wanted to set the record straight.

Good luck tonight, youre going to need it!!!! LOL

(just kidding moses, dont blow a gasket)

Im just hoping we dont feel like spotting you guys a 24 pt lead

.........super, you were worried about a running game, McClendon was the eskimo MVP tonight for sure.........other than that amazing Tucker catch too little too late McClendon was the workhorse.............I was worried about the nickel and dime receptions as it whittles away the yardage........whittle away yardage and you could whittle away confidence but my D seemed to be ok with that and in control for the most part.......ah, good game.......I own my whole couch but only needed the edge of the cushion tonight.........

the.... LIGHTNING...... has spoken.