Edmonton's Field

So all you CFL fans that watched the game friday nite in Edmonton, what did you think of their grass field. I think that field is a joke to the league. They replace it every year with sod. When it gets wet its horrible. The league should make them change it like the other 7 teams have done. Edmonton claims they have a advatage playing on that crap. Well look at the last few years, there isn't any advantage at home. Crappy grass must go.

…gawd awful bloody mess …the state of their field should be an embarassment to the city of edm. They can’t say that they’re ‘poor’ and can do nothing to rectify the problem …Just a disgrace… :wink:

I agree, especially with the new field turf available. You can't make the old arguement about less injuries on grass than turf. It was true with the old stuff, but not now. The last Grey Cup that was played their was a joke and a embarrassment for the league's showcase event.