Edmonton's defensive woes

Good article on TSN. I love Mo Lloyd's comments, and I'm glad to have his leadership on the team.

He goes on about how the defence isn't playing a full 60 minutes, and how even though this team has suffered some significant injuries, it's still up to the players to bond together, learn the schemes, and become a cohesive unit. This guy has a good head on his shoulders.

... Sadly, I can't say the same for Jim Daley. "Our team hasn't been good enough at key moments," Daley said. "Whether it's offence, defence or special teams, we have a lot of steps to take to become a really good football team." Really, Daley? You mean to tell me it hasn't been the defence that's been screwing us over week after week after week? You ******* moron... This guy needs to be canned. The sooner the better.

I also wasn't too thrilled with one of Hall's comments: "To take it a step further, when you look at our football team overall, I'm surprised where we're at," Hall said. You're surprised, Hall? Really? 'Cause after watching all of this team's games this season, I'm not surprised in the least...

Eskimos' playoff drive hampered by defensive struggles

Oh well. This team has a lot of work to do this off season... and it begins with the defence... not the offence, Daley!

Good post Chief..........I'm not a Daley fan either and I have respect and like R. Hall. This is interesting in the last 8 games: for Edmonton 2-8, for Winnipeg 4-4 and improveing or at least winning games. Mike Kelly; is he the mean Eskimo that got away? I question what could have been if the tables were reveresed. :expressionless:We'll have to wait and see how the remaining 4 games plays out. For god sake Eskimo's "PLEASE HIT SOMEBODY AND BEAT TORONTO BY DOUBLE DIGITS".

Still can’t believe it…I saw it w/ my own eyes and still can’t believe it. How does that happen w/ 12 seconds left? Someone, please tell me…somebody has to make that play- instead it’s Keystone Cops, they lose the game and we get to see Geroy do his stupid friggin’ pose in the end zone. That had to have been the worst defensive play I’ve ever seen in a do or die crucial situation. It’s taken me four days to even begin to talk about it. GAAARRRRRRRR!!! :x

"Okay guys, 12 seconds left. Whaddaya say we run the Rick Campbell special?"

reminds us of the milt stegall thing a few years back no??? poor pass coverage...i'm just sick about the lack of defence , offence has struggled , yes but most of the games would have been won by the offence if the defence had stepped up... oh well ... maybe next year & at least we dont suck as much as t.o. lol

hahaha how is anyone surprised by us losing with 12 seconds left?
Remember good ol Milt Stegal? that was hilarious…
and you know what? i even called it out to my grandpa, that we’d scew it up last game
when those two idiots missed, i crapped myself laughing… my god, i love how i can just see em coming now
As much as i love the Eskimos, idk if i even wana watch the Toronto/Edmonton game
I love to watch good football, not two crappy bottomfeeder teams crap each other out, and whoever comes up with the biggest crap play wins…
I wana watch football like it should played, crisp plays, good passes, a few good defensive stands, a few sacks and interceptions and some good touchdowns…
None of which have anything remotly to do with how Edmonton and Toronto plays…

What can i say… Its tough love

Oh, I dunno....I can foresee a few sacks and interceptions....

lmao good call, i forsee Ray throwing 2 INTs and getting sacked 5 times