edmontons 2 wins

would mean a lot more if they came against mtl and cal, or even bc and tor, or wpg even. :stuck_out_tongue:

see that, in one subtle sentence, I managed to diss ed, sask, ham, and wpg :twisted:

..YOU'RE GETTING BETTER..... :lol:....and so are the Esks... :wink:

Erik Tillman is back! Rick Ray is back. Congratulations to Tillman for dumping the losers on the team and replacing them with winners! Ray has the best QB rating of 134.4. I think Ray and Cavillo will be competing for MVP this year.

BC is what, 0-2? It will be another meaningless win for the Esks... if the trend continues you could see an East crossover this year... :stuck_out_tongue:

...I think the bigger shock in this early season is that at the end of this weekend Hamilton or Saskatchewan is going to be 0-3...given their pre-season power ranking and general optimism that is going to be a tough pill to swallow...

I worry about cflisthebest...

The thing for me is everyone thought that the Sask offence would suffer, but it hasn't been too bad.. its the defence that has sucked... they sat back and watched as Ray and Calvillo took their offences down the field.

I'm sure he's O.K. Chief; since he lives in Edmonton atleast he gets to see the Eskies improve to 3-0 at Commonwealth. :rockin:

punt return sucks too.

So you mean the 0-2 BC team, (perhaps soon to be 0-3)? Yeah that would be far more credible.

Honestly, Edmonton's two wins looked the most impressive of all the teams that went 2-0, (conversely Winnipeg's looked the least impressive, and played more like a team that should be 0-2.) Edmonton's start doesn't surprise me, Eric Tillman has worked magic before, and it's obvious he's found the players that help take advantage of Ricky Ray's considerable talents. This doesn't look like a mirage of the Week 1&2 "pre-season" games but the case of a franchise that has turned it around. The Eskimos look like the best team in the West, and it wouldn't surprise me to see them win the division.

Well, I like what I see so far on both sides of the ball, but still a little bit not sure. More will be revealed once they face Calgary next week, who I think has yet to get in gear/step it up a notch. Also it's the Winnipeg game too as both D's will be putting the heat on each others QB's. I've stated at the beginning of the season that the Esk's ground game is key and out of that; (on passing plays) Ricky Ray has a quicker release into the flat and more zip on the ball when going down the middle. The O-Line will have their work cut out for them with the Lions tommorow.........should be good.