Edmonton's 1981 squad named top Grey Cup team by TSN

TORONTO — The 1981 edition of the Edmonton Football Team has been named the greatest Grey Cup team of all time as decided by TSN.

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that team of those years was a great dynasty, no doubt about it. However, for any single year, I favour the Flutie led argos as the best team

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I think the 1997 Argos were definitely a better team than the 1981 Edmonton team. Edmonton won their 2 playoff games by 9 points combined, Toronto won by 31 points total (although their Grey Cup opponent was not as strong).

That would be the dream matchup of Grey Cup champions, at least of those I've been able to witness.

I'm not sure who I'd put my money on.

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I admit to being surprised by this pick as well.

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Well they were part of an impressive dynasty and had a future NFL hall-of-famer at QB.

Those were my early years of football fandom but that team is hard to forget.

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