were those reto helmets or just alts,ala the ticats a few years back(the white ones?)

if they were alts,whats up with the Red in the logo,if its a canada thing ok,but red is also the color of you rival :wink:

not gonna lie, i usually like the Esk's jerseys. think there the nicest in the league but those green helmets were some thing ugly

I didn't care for them, until I found out they'd wear them for a game or two, then auction them off...proceeds to ovarian cancer research, iirc...suddenly they didn't look so horrible to me...

I though those green helmets looked really cool and the fact that they will auction them off for charity, good move by the Eskies.

wow good to know that their auctioning them for charity now....i don't feel like an a$$ haha

I actually kinda liked them, I think they would have looked better not worn with the white though.

I didnt like them…Between the helmets and the Stamps pants, I kept reaching for the TV remote to adjust the colour on my TV

I really didn’t care for them at first, but they didn’t look so bad after a bit. Its only for 2 games and then they are auctioned off for a good cause… another classy move the Eskimo organization.

The helmets and pants were as ugly as the Stamps performance.

I hated the tacky pants but liked the helmets

The green helmets look sharp, better then the original.

The 'Smoes wearing green helmets and white unis, maybe they were trying to look like the Riders (if you can't be Grey Cup Champs why not try to look like them?)
Seriously, liked the green helmets better than the yellow ones. I wish the Stamps would stop wearing those gold pants (they first used them in a retro game a number of years ago, can't remember when, but they should toss them, they don't work with the current unis).

Yes, I must agree. The gold pants were ugly, especially with the brown marks on the backside.

I wonder what one of these helms, signed by Eskie stars, will auction for? Any guesses?

The last time I saw pants like that they were at a Barry Manalow concert. :roll: