Edmonton Wins!!!

Thank God!

We needed this win. I nearly had a heart attack at the end. How many 2 and outs did Edmonton have? :?

But we still won, which is all the matters. And we did a good job and keeping Lumsden in order. He didn't get off a good run until the fourth.

Yeah that sucks

of course the Ref's didn't have much to do with it

Thank the ref's. That last interference play - miss was awful.

The P/P guys call it questionable. I call it typical!!

hmmm how come they are whistle and flag happy on every other play except the one at the end when there is an actual infraction.....

Winning teams have the ability to overcome poor reffing.

but subpar reffing causes the average teams losses that was passinterference on the left arm.

Are you effin kidding me??.. you tell me HOW Hamilton could have overcome a BLATANT NON PI call on 3rd down...lol what a dumbass statement!!

It was PI, most definitely....but they should have capitalized on other opportunities earlier.....

Reffing this season sucks hardcore - teams must find a way around it to win....that's all I'm sayin'.....

And no, I am not effin kidding you....sounds like you may need to simmer down a little.....

The league needs Edmonton!! They sell out, except tonight, and Hamilton is a whipping boy.

Sounds to me like HTD is a tad bitter about losing.

Whether or not they got the call, there's no telling if Hamilton would have been able to capitalize on the catch. Only 30 seconds remained.

yep you are right chief; plus they should have caught the ball right before that... you have to overcome the INEPT reffing to win. Hamilton had their chances

LOL Bitter,, you're GD right I'm bitter... who the ef are you to say we WOULDN'T have capitalized.. thats not for you OR the Ref's to decide.. CALL THE EFFIN penalty as it is!!!!!

Timeout time, HTD.....go to your corner, calm down, and return when you're free of rage.....

Yea, let's make it a 59.30 minute game, just so that EE can win.

What the heck, let's make it a 30 minute game, who needs the extra half!!

Obviously you have never seen last minute heroics in any sport.

ok mom!

If Setta made both his field goals it would have been tied at 19!

That PI did not occur in the end zone so who's to say they would have gone the extra yards to score? We surely have not been blessed with great calls but this is the CFL and we all know it's a tough job, more so when you have to make up penalties. But like injuries, it has become part of our game.

Exactly. If I remember correctly, Hamilton was in their own zone, so they would have still had to make up a lot of yards in 30 seconds.

We could play the What If game right up to the Grey Cup.

Who's to say we WOULDN'T have???

The Refs.. that's WHO!