Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Anyone watching?

EDM leads 7-0 and threatening to extend their lead

17-0 EDM… seems the Bummers have no clue how to build on success… :roll:

Whoa - Almost half time and hardly anyone commenting? I know its a game between two bottom feeders but I'm curious to see who wins. Edmonton who looked close to winning so many times but terrible last week, seems to be back to form. Looks like Winnipeg's defense missed the plane - or the Esks O line showed up or a bit of both! :lol:

Esks looking far more dominant so far. Didn't think that BBs could continue that relentless D attack game after game and so far MB's offense is not gaining much ground. I think these two teams will have identical records at the end of this game!

Not much happening for either team right now... almost time for Goltz to give it away isn't it?

LOL.. it sure looked like the dude holding up the cheerleader could not stop looking up her skirt :lol: :lol:


Reilly absolutely single handedly owned the Bummers that drive!!



LOL Reilly has more yards rushing in the first half than Cornish did last night in the whole game! :lol:

Noticed that Ellingson was the receiving yards leader again after last night's game but I'm sure it will be short lived as Stamps regains the lead after this game!

EDM looking good today... keeping Reilly upright long enough to damage and demoralize the Bummers

Hall replaces Goltz in the 2nd half!
Spaghetti arm fairs any better?

Yes the Esks are looking good and a win at home is long overdue!

The only reason that the Bummers have any points is because Sandro can still make a 17 yard FG! :roll: :lol:

Interesting that Hall is in to start the 2nd half. Maybe Goltz has reached the end of his leash. So far he's getting some decent plays! We could have a game yet! :thup:

Just heard this by a TSN announcer (not paying attention to who's there)
"Mike Renaud's been busy this season" LOL The Bummer lead the league in 2 and outs - OF COURSE Mike's been busy!! :roll:

Thompson picks Hall off in the endzone!!

Max Hall puts together a good drive only to be picked off in the end zone by Thompson! :roll: :thdn:

Hall could have (and probably should have) been picked off 3 times on that drive

Burke sent Sandro out to kick a 44 yarder?? Guess he didn't watch him play in Hamilton! :lol: :roll:

EEs offense seems to have cooled off a bit so far in this half.

Eskies pull off the win.
Can they make it two in a row in the 'Peg next week? :expressionless:

No doubt about it!