Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Week #5 is here; Bombers host the Eskies....I like the Blue Bomber fans, I mean that "Sincerely" - Have a Cigar :cowboy:

Will be a close game, 28 200 tickets have been sold, sold so far. Not bad for a 0 4 team.

Esks are 0 for last 4 at Canadinns, could be touble for them playing in front of some of the leagues best/loudest fans.

Lets GO GO GO Bombers!!!! :cowboy:

There are Calgary fans on this site??? I assumed they were mythical :lol:

Jyles sort of appology to Sears:

[url=http://www.edmontonsun.com/2012/07/25/eskimos-jyles-backpedals-on-sears]http://www.edmontonsun.com/2012/07/25/e ... s-on-sears[/url]

This is hilarious, I especially like this:
“I didn’t want to paint a picture that he’s a bad guy,? Jyles said. “I think he makes dirty plays, he takes dirty shots but that’s just the way he plays. That’s why I say he plays hard."

Here we go again with "best" moniker :roll:

It.s loud, SK is loud too, but our student section puts us over the top. :cowboy: :cowboy:

Ya this game scares me a little Bombers really have nothing to lose they may get a big boost from playing at home, but if they are as bad as they have shown the Esks should not have to hard a time beating them.

who is winning??

I don’t know if I’d go far to say anything that the Bombers fans are near the best.

I’d say 3rd best in the league.

This game might be nasty. it could be one sided.

...are you allowed to drink at work?! because that sentence is a mess

...in any case, Go Bombers, I picked the EEs in the pool but man the Blue and Gold have to do something here to salvage their season...

Actually , that is excellent. Winnipeg , is one of Canada's best sports cities.

They sell out CFL football & NHL hockey games :thup:

And they have produced some fantastic music , too!!! :rockin:

Winnipeg , have to win sometime and I still don't think that EDMONTON , are for real , yet?

Somewhere in Sask, a redheaded English teacher just downed a couple shots. :smiley:


you assume I went to school in Saskatchewan...

I was born raised and living NEAR Edmonton, Alberta.

I never had great English test scores.

:lol: Wasn't talking about you, dude.

It's not all about you, CITB. This time, he was talking about me...I'm the redheaded English teacher in Saskatchewan, watching people butcher the English language on a daily basis. :rockin:

Take no CFL opponent for granted this early the season I say.

All teams can be dangerous especially when they have less to lose or just plain angry like I suspect Winnipeg now.

I think I can arrange these words into a coherent sentence, is this right?