Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Both teams are kind of playing like crap at the moment, though I'd say Edmonton needs the win more since they're already 0-2 at home. :roll: If Edmonton loses this game, I'd say that's it for the season.

What happens in the first three quarters won't matter. It'll be the fourth quarter. Can Edmonton actually do something in the final quarter. Here's hoping.

Game starts in about 5 minutes.

Great. Looks like Black's stat for the night is the last time Edm started 0-4. :lol:

Looks like we may go 0-4

Oh, that's a definite. I've already posted a rant in the Edm board. I can't watch this crap. :roll:

I think were the worst team in the league with the most talent in the league.

wow. the eskies look worse every week.
this game is done.

I thought we had the worst O-line. Looks like Edmonton has that title well in their grasp. Unlike the football...

Oh NO! we've become the Argos.

the eskies should just throw washed-up maas in there to take the beatings for Ray.
why subject Ray to this?

Your right this looks like a game that someone could get hurt in .

Lets see if Strusser can make some adjustments.

why call that play

Something is going thru Ray's mind.

Yeah Winnipeg's Linebackers.

It's been a long time ago since I've seen an Edmonton team play like this, like in 1966: Winnipeg 26-7 wins and that is a fact.

lol Edmonton is getting absolutely OWNED!

Slightly off topic, the Eskimos picked up a shipment, it may have something to do with this game...


That made me lol. :lol:

Just checked the stats... Down 23-0, and the offence isn't doing crap. With how we play in fourth quarters, I think we can call this game.

thought this would have been closer given that Buck was out but oh well - so much for a perfect week in the pool lol

who do you start when buck is healthy?
jyles has looked good, and probably isnt as injury prone.

Nice one hander there by Stamps.