Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Is Armstead wearing a cloak? Is that why no one can see him and tackle him?

wouldnt that be a fine by the league??

Well, as good as their return game is, their kicking game is terrible. The Bombers need to cut Serna.

How was that a lateral? He threw the ball forward, not backward. He was facing forward for crying out loud. I don't get that call at all...

Nice hit Barranechea. What was that guy thinking? Brutal :thdn:

Wow, how is the Edmonton player not thrown out? Guy should be suspended for that cheap shot.

I think we're in for another doozie of a finish here.


what a dirty hit!

the guy should have been tossed out for that!

like that's just so not needed ! obviously intentional.

Ooooh, should've had that.

That late fourth quarter hit by Auggie Barranachea on Kevin Glenn is the cheapest, nastiest headhsot this CFL fan has seen in a long, long time. Auggie, that was a deliberate attempt to injure and you should be freakin' suspended you goon. It's just a huge, huge bit of luck that Glenn wasn't hurt. Sit down, shut up and don't even bother to contradict this message. That was bloody awful.

What hit are you guys talking about? I didn't see anything... :expressionless:

HIt on Glenn on the two point conversion. Helmet to Helmet.


I saw that play but not the hit. Maybe ro can post a clip?

They showed it after he lead with his helmet on a late hit it was bad.

Your kidding right? He was facing forward?

It looked like he was to me, ro... lol

BTW, I just saw the hit on SC. It was a nasty hit, but I don't think it deserves a suspension. Give him a 15 yard penalty.

If that hit is not suspendable, then every player in the league has free rein to do anything they want. Sometime in the first quarter next week,Oosterhuis or someone else will go in and like in baseball, their star will get hit too.

And chief, just how can Winnipeg possibly get the extra penatly after that. Would someone please explain that???

It wasent late but he did lead with his helmet.