It's looking like this game is going to be terrible. No one can hold on to the ball because of the rain.

What kind of car will the Bombers give Milt when he breaks the record?

A gold and blue smart car!

Jesus. It seems Edmonton can’t catch a break tonight. :?

omg Fleming. He is (edit) furious about the time-count violation.

TD Edmonton! Something went right!

Roberts just blinked, when he should have been squeezing the ball.

Edmonton ball, damnit.

I'am only watching for the possability of Milt's TD record.


Dude, no need to shout…

gotta love charles roberts!

Eh. I stopped watching to be honest. :lol:

Charlie who? Milt who? How about giving it up for Kamau Completerson for scoring the game winning clutch TD?

Good job Esks. A win on the road. A win against an Eastern opponent. No choke in the final minute. 3 things that escaped them too often last year.

There was an extremely intelligent poster on these boards who was not overly concerned by the 39 points the Eskies D gave up in Week #1. He realized that when you gut your defense, change 8 out of the 12 starters, and lower your average age by probably 10 years, it's going to take some time to gel. The talent is there, but the timing and chemistry was not. They follow up 39 points in game #1 by giving up 29 points in week #2, and now only give up 15 points in week #3. There is improvement needed, to be sure. But, they are going in the right direction.

Interesting question for the Eskimos now, is who is going to be the #1 RB in game #4? We all know that Ebell was very impressive in his first 2 games, and led the league in yards from scrimmage. However, McClendon had the starters role won in training camp, before being injured. In this game, McClendon had 7 carries for 57 yards (over an 8 yard average), and led the Esks with 8 catches for 50 yards. Wow. If only the Esks could figure out a way to keep both these imports on the roster at the same time... I'd love to see that.

Sorry Milt. Gonna have to wait until at least week 4 to break the record.

very hard-fought victory by the eskies…good to see them move ahead of calgary in the west.

Good game for the schmoes, they gutted out an ugly one on the road.

Forgot about that. What an added bonus! I knew that tie point would come in handy, lol.

Big win for the Esks on the road. They definitely are showing signs of gelling. Nice to see some defense!

I had to stop watching during the third quarter. I'm not sure how much more losing I can take. First the Oilers get screwed out of the Cup. Then the Eskimos fall to 7-11. Then the Oilers go on several nasty losing streaks at the end of the season. :lol:

Definitely a good win for them, though. I swear I almost had a heart attack during the last 30 seconds of the game.

Good hard fought win for the Esks they can build on this.