this should help our offence friday night as i believe he has a dislocated ankle so edmontons pass rush will be like our pass rush

that injury was gruesome. i hope perry is ok. Tsn did a close up on it and your leg is not supposed to look like that.

just like Sask was without their number one QB, receiver and db

Great point. Ticat fans have to get away from this whole 'hey they're playing their 3rd stringer, we should beat 'em' attitude.

Cuz I'm tellin' ya folks, most of the time, it ain't happenin'

8) In that case, Edmontons pass rush will be non-existent !!! :wink:

Edmonton was beaten by a scrambling QB, Printers has to do the same thing.
Not only did Joseph run for 118 yards but he scrambled and gave his receivers time to get open.

For one Fred hasn’t had a good year to date, and for two, it’s not much of an advantage for a team when they think this way “tonight they don’t have this player or this player or that player” Look what happened against Montreal, Sask.

I was there...and it was tough to look at!

The Toronto players, AND THE CROWD, showed some real class with concern for his wellbeing!

That will be the only plus for us friday!

Boy box j your a real fan arent u ??