Edmonton...why give up a single when down by 3???

The Edmonton special team coach should be fired!!! It is just that simple.

With one minute left to go, Edm down by 3 points and about to get the ball back, the Edm punt returner not only let the ball get behind him and land in the endzone, but he casually let the ball die with no effort to get it out of there - giving up the single (now down by four points with less then a minute).

All Edm had to do was drive the ball down half the field then attempt a field goal...instead butter nuts lets the ball go for single - then they had to go for a touchdown drive - am I stating the obvious ???? what is going on here?

I have two solutions:

  1. the Edm punt returner should be tied to the post at the next practice and left there until midnight;

  2. The Edm special teams coach should be fired!

That was the dumbest play all night. Run it out - so you start from your one yard line. Big deal! At least you're only down by a field goal - it's easier to tie up the game!

I wouldn't say that although I agree with what you said about that call but they've been doing a great job this year. Tompkins didn't have that great of a night overall.. that one fumble was a stinger. He wasn't hlding onto the ball properly and it got knocked out of his hands...

This was a bad call by the coaches on this one.

lol... yes that was a very stupid move on the returners part... was he an American?... he might have forgot that you give up the point and was just thinking of field position.... but DUMB in any case

But then look at the time on the clock, there was less than a minute and you need a big play giving up that single gives you 34yards more if you land on the 1 yard line… It’s a tough call but I still think they should of ran it out.

I disagree with it being the dumbest play though, Marsh’s dropped ball was uquite brutal.

I am sorry Eesks, but you and the special teams coach will be the only two people in Canada who would not question that call...

I am curious to hear from people whe were at the game - I would like them to describe how the intensity and momentum absolutely died at that moment when buddy gave up the single...the sounds of shock - I am sure...

Absoluetly, well.. now that i think of it a little more I guess you're right. I was also shocked, after it happened I looked over to my dad and asked him "wth was that??" but the way the offense was playing... meh... Toronto deserved it. I was impressed by Osheas pass knock down.. that ball was coming in fast.

It was a good game none the less...

That was completely unbeliievable ! I thought the guy had to be complete ly stupid to put his team down by more than a field goal. It looked like he had enough room and time to get it out of the end zone. As it turned out, even with the better starting position, they never got anywhere near close enough to try a field goal. That Argo defence stiffens up when they have to. They gave up a lot of yards in the game, but a small percentage of those yards actually resulted in scores.

A field goal wouldn't have won the game anyways. For what we know, he runs the ball out, gets tackled on the one yard line, Ray goes 2 and out, they punt from the endzone and the Argos score a touchdown off their good field position next drive -- putting the game away for good. Good call getting the field position in my opinion, the Edmonton defense got the ball back but unfortunately for the coaches Ray came up flat in the end. You win some you lose some.

Well, Flemming is stuggling. So assume you are going to need to get to the 30 yard line for a real shot at tie. Of course it was a heck of a punt.

Give up Single: 75 Yards to win game
Tackled at 10 - 75 yards to tie.

If you have confidence in you kicker then it is a different story.

Giving up the single gives you a chance to win. As much as I dislike the Esks <> it is hard to disagree with the choice. You could do it either way. What was dumb was how long it took him to give up the single. He should have done it right away to save more time.

Why is it everytime Edmonton loses they want someone fired?
Last year it was Higgins this year its the special team coach.
If edmonton ran it out and toronto held them, they would then either have to give up 2 or Toronto would have been in field goal range.

he didn't have to run it "out" as he could have easily caught that in the air... it hit the ground only a couple of feet from him... and he would have had time to get a few steps in before someone got there... and who knows... maybe he could have found a hole to squeeze through...

ro1313, at that point of the game there is no giving up 2 or like someone earlier wrote, a 2 and out, it was a must to run the ball out, and the rest of the game was 3 down football...Esk defence was tired and confused they needed Ray to save the day.

It is quite apparent the returner or coach bet pro-line on the game

I think Tony Tompkins should have went deeper. He knows Noel Prefontaine has a leg thats insane, so why would he only be 40 yards away?

And I think the mindset was that Sean Fleming sucks and to take the field advantage. Thats how I see it.

Is it just me or since last years playoff loss to the Riders, the Eskimos seem to have lost their confidence, killer instinct and team togetherness? What is up Eskimos fans???

Giving up the single point was a bonehead play. Edmonton had momemtum and a chance to play for the tie on their next set of downs with a field goal. I couldn't believe it, but thanks. Go Leos.....

when you watched Tompkins.. just stand over the ball...frozen ...you had to know this guy didn't know what to do in the single point situation....you don't give up a single with that much time left... putting your team in a must-get touchdown scenario....poor coaching when you don't get on your players about time remaining. ..and especially the score.... what an error.....I guess Danny will have to talk to Tony now.... :idea: