Edmonton vs. Winnipeg (nothing game): PERSONNEL?

Last game of season is a nothing-burger for Edmonton so I suspect they’ll give 40 yr old mini-legend Kevin Glenn his final career start . . . .

Glenn could rack up a back-up laden Winnipeg defense for an easy 300+ passing yds to pad his stats - - - even though his style of throwing aimlessly into space wil yield at least 2 picks . . . .

Winnipeg should rest at least 7 or 8 starts including but not limited to: Andrew Harris, Adam Bighill, Stanley Bryant, Matt Nichols, Suck Chungh, Darvin Adams, Dressler, maybe Jackson Jeffcoat . . . . but O’Shea is a hi-risk stubborn ol cuss - he may risk injury to key guys in hopes of keeping them fresh!

sure hope not.

like Glenn but want to see more of Reilly.

I hope Reilly has his best game of the season.

Not likely but…

Reilly will have his mind on contract talks with the BC Lions…

Very good chance of that - unless he gets an offer (or 2) from NFL to be a career backup for balance of his football life . . . . perhaps at $800k to 1 million (US 's)

Wally Buono’s replacement comes down to these 5 guys:

  1. Devon Claybrooks (DC in Calgary)
  2. Paul LaPolice (OC in Wpg.)
  3. Noelle Thorpe
  4. Matt Dunigan
  5. Travis Lulay

Of the above - Lulay & Dunigan are the longshots - but both have great cases to be made. Lulay is a mature guy who knows the ins and outs of his football team. Don’t underestimate him cuz he’s a gamer who walks into enemy territory bare-chested.

Dunigan has been out of football a long, long time. A real scream 'n hustle guy - but he’s 56 or 57 and the sideline game may have passed him by.

Claybrooks would have to be the hot favorite (health issues aside).
Plopster would be #2 but the rap on Plop is he’s really bad at disciplining or confronting players. A technical genius but his interpersonal skills are loosey-goosey and default to avoiding confrontation at any cost.

Thorpe should be a higher favorite than Plop but who knows? Doesn’t have as big a name as Plop, Dunigan, Lulay or Claybrooks to be sure.

If I get enough odds I’m putting my bet down on Lulay. Surround him with a great OC & DC and leave Wally in play as a football consultant - that might be the smart play. In this league - anything can succeed, almost anything can fail.\

P.S. Add former Rider HC Champ Chamblin to the mix. Hear he’s ready to return to the CFL and this could be his entry ticket

……I’m going with a total outside chance for the next Leo’s head honcho and that would be Madman Maas after he gets dealt the 9 of hearts in the igloo…Especially IF Reilly returns to the Leos from whence he came…Maas and Reilly are besties BUT A LOT would have to transpire before this could happen… BUT you know something is gonna give, as the natives are as restless as a herd of wild mustangs roaming the Alberta hinterland, after that finish

And back to the question of who plays and who sits on Saturday?


……Mike O Shea says he’s going to leave it up to the player in the final analysis…Asked Nichols if he’d prefer to start or sit and is leaving it up to him…I’d say the main starters get a sniff and then be replaced by our guys in waiting…One problem is we’re going to have to leave some of our first stringers in the line-up as there isn’t that many players on our roster to field a full line-up, if all of our no. 1 players were to sit ::slight_smile:

O’Shea will play coy with his roster choices until he has to submit a lineup. Crazy to risk his front-liners like MVP Bighill, MOC Harris, QB Nichols, WR Adams, etc. but he will.

Hard to keep everyone injury-free cuz playing at less than 100% can produce as many, if not more injuries than full buy-in.

If anything I’d like to see the bombers try a couple new things with their kickoff & punt returns. 1st - get a newbie burner in their that can run it out past his own 15 yd line (unlike Demski who goes down automatically on first contact) and perhaps test drive a back-up o-lineman like Couture, Q Spooner or Geoff Gray to give them a taste of starting!

This is a nothing game, even more so than preseason, so I can understand sitting anyone BUT rust develops fast and if we play some regs, good.

I still want BC to beat Cal. Sask will not have played for 3 weeks. I don’t think that has happened before. A nice long layoff for the Green (yech) team suits me fine. I can remember teams wanting to finish in 2nd place so that there is no break between weekly games even though it means having to play the final in somebody else’s backyard. There can’t be much rhythm left when you haven’t played for almost a month. I don’t care if it gives Collaros time to heal either. We aren’t afraid of him

……I see that Poop Johnson the quitter has just signed on with the riders…We released him yesterday only to find him slinking around with Jones in Regina today…Jones will pick his melon (hopefully it’s full of poop) to try and gain some inside info…I hope we change up everything before we head to the semi. and all Poop feeds them is a bunch of crap…Ol lowly Jones…tries to pull an end around lol

Poop would make a good sumo wrestler - lots of quick pop as he stuns his o-line opponent with a good hard smack; sorta like Doug Brown when he was brutalizing opposing o-linemen - only difference (maybe similarity) is that after Poop popped his o-line guy he was too pooped to pop - and basically mosied around in a huge daze after first contact!

Poop has been off the roster for weeks - (due to his pop 'n die move) and the bomber defense has morphed into something else while he’s been sidelined - and now cut! Don’t think Jones will pick up more than a smear of the Winnipeg defense!

Edmonton in 2015 when they won the Cup.

Thanks, Taleback !

All for nought anyway. We're going into Regina a week earlier. That's all.