Edmonton vs Toronto Predictions

Im going to come out and say it, I feel like Edmonton is getting disrespected by these columnists who all but 1 have said that Toronto is going to beat us. Sorry, not going to happen, unless Joseph is god awful and our oline all get injured, Edmonton is winning this game.

Ray isn't that difficult to gameplan around, all you need is a good zone defense and awareness from the DB's and you shut him down easily (EX. getting your head around to locate the ball, zone blitzes, disguise plays). In other words, our BALL HAWKING defense better show up like it has most of the season and our dline needs a DECENT game against the Argos oline (shouldnt be a problem for us, Howard is back).

Ball control offense with Charles, and if he's bottled up we have stud receivers to make plays in the intermediate and deep routes. Easy win as long as long as we dont take a whole quarter to jump start. And a manageable win even if we do take a whole quarter.

Edmonton wins 27-20