Edmonton VS. Sask.

What do you guys think? Are the Roughriders going to take it easy since they are in no matter what? Or are they going to play there hearts out? Is Durant starting? I have a feeling that Edmonton is going to lose big. 48-15 for Sask. GO RIDERS! (wow, did I just say that?)

Eskies are going down. We are going to the Gey Cup. Thats the way it is.


after we ride the Stamps hard - at home - just like 94 !

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves here. We're still not in the playoffs yet. And we'll still have to get past Sask. on their turf if they hold on to win before we even think of Calgary. One step at a time guys.

Yeah right! raise a little hell raise a little hell . . .

BC LIONS ARE IN! ROUGHRIDERS HERE WE COME. Were going all the way boys. Lions have done this before and won the grey cup!

Bring on the Booze Brothers!

I see a lions fan ready to convert to the RIDERS. Cheering for us is the start. Welcome aboard brother.

HAHAHAHAHAHA, you wish buddy. Riders disgust me :slight_smile: Orange and white all the way. I cheered for the riders this one game which was hard enough, so BC could make it in,

Ok how about now? You ready to cheer for us... pretty please! :frowning: With sugar on top? :smiley:

Nahh, i hope the stamps kick you out :slight_smile:

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :(