Edmonton vs. Sask - Aug 18 -

First Half just over

Wow, Sask's D didn't show up, mind you, they seemed to adjust the last couple of drives. And give Edmonton credit: Ray is on his game and his receivers are catching the ball.

Penalties - hardly recognized my team with how many they took; and I wouldn't say it was bad reffing (well okay, some were iffy)

Speaking of receivers catching the ball - DJ could have 3 TDs already. That miss was hard to watch, and the odds of it bouncing to the only other player within 20 yards of DJ ... oh well, he didn't drop the next TD and I liked his comment on camera after: "I'm going to get another one - I'm still mad about the one I dropped"

Cates - acrobatic or what, something else

Joseph - he may not be stellar but, boy, is he ever in control mentally - no real mistakes, great effort, especially on his runs.

Closer than most of us would have expected - but I did say in a post earlier today that I wouldn't take Edmonton lightly.

For the 2nd half, I think we will be okay as you could see already that the D was adjusting. Still confident in a win - I said 8 point spread in my earlier post ... we'll see about that, too.

6-2! Hey this is great! Last time i remember being in first is when we were 1-0 after the first game and every one else was still 0-0. This is great! :lol: :smiley: :thup:

Even with Joseph throwing a pick for a TD, that was probably his best performance as a Rider, what a hell of an exciting game.

The team does need to get healthy, and the d needs to figure out Edmontons offense.

Good game! Just a question about one of the calls.

How can a player get a procedure call when he's not on the line of scrimmage (Joesph be called for procedure in the shot gun formation). I know it wasn't a time count as the play clock had 3 seconds on it.

Never seen that kind of call before. Can someone explain that?

I can't actually answer the question regarding the specifics of what he did, as I don't know.
What I can tell you is, it is possible...
I suspect he made some type of motion that is not allowed, which isn't that much different than when the QB is under centre.

As a Rider fan this was truely the mother of all football games,Hollywood couldn't have scripted it any better,congrats to the entire organization in particular Austin for an imaganitive game plan and for pushing this team to play hard for 60 min. as a result of our on field product we may very well see sell-outs for the remainder of the season..GO RIDERS

Great game makin us proud Kerry played great and Hats off to Austin I wasnt a big fan of Kent but give credit when credit is due!

Thank goodness Kerry Joseph was able to play past the two dropped end zone catches and Congi's missed field goals...

The game reminds us that it is played on the field, not in the media. Looking at the pregame stats, the Riders should have crushed Edmonton. Fortunately for us, the staff reminded the players about the last game in Edmonton....keep the accelerator to the floor and don't stop till the game was over. We would not have won had the team stopped playing once they were ahead.

Kudos to the staff!

p.s. Was anyone at the stadium after the lights came back on? My brother said Tillman was on the sidelines with the big flag, on a pole and waving it for the fans. All he was wearing was a t-shirt, and he was soaked!

I posted a picture of it in the main forum.....check the tame thread - looked pretty cool, imo.....

its a good thing they installed new ifled turf, the turf held up fine in the storm, its a good thing they didnt have the old turf. Im wondering if they are gonna install more endzone seats at the park and possibly an addiotnal video board?

Hey 'Rider fans, I was there from Hamilton for the game, after going to the Ticats game in Edmonton the week before.

That was awesome. You fans are great, and I loved how it seemed that everyone in town cares about the team.

Even on Friday, when the beer cart guy at the golf course asked where we from and we said "Hamilton" (but didn't mention anything about football), he then asked "How's Ronnie doing down there?".
I just loved that.

Loved the "Last Saskatchewan Pirate".

And I "called" the Eskimo turnover on the Fleming fumbled snap before it happened. You're welcome.

I also "called" the storm. There always seems to be one game a year in the CFL that gets delayed by lightning. On Friday I said I hoped this would be the one. Because I wanted to be part of it.