Edmonton vs Riders

Well after watching the Lions get shredded into kitty litter do the Riders tank the last game and take the crossover or go into the the Colosseum and face the gladiators who quite honestly are looking to be extremely focused and on a mission? If they want to stay in the West then they must win so do they risk an injury to Durant or leave it up to Joesph to try and pull it off?
What will it take short of a perfect game to pull out a win? What are the weak parts of the Eskimos? Reilly is looking sharp and White is on a tare. Bowman is having a fantastic season and is almost unstoppable. Their defense is very aggressive and jump routes on a regular basis and the D line is no slouch either. So how do you attack this team?

If the Riders do manage the win then they will have to come up with another way to win in Edmonton and I don't see the Eskimos taking them lightly in that game.
As bad as the Riders have played in the East this may be the most likely way of getting any shot at a repeat. I think the Eskimos can take out Calgary so they would face them anyways. Any thoughts?

there was speculation that the Lions intended to throw their last 2 games and hope the Riders win. After that showing compare to how they have played of late I honestly have to wonder if that has merit.

Well here is the double edge sword about this situation. While no doubt getting a win against the Eskimos will help boost the teams confidence and no team likes to lose at home, again if they do win then they will more then likely face them again in the playoffs. After Reilly got nicked up a bit does he even see the field against the Riders? If not then not winning against the Eskimos even makes the team look worse. Will Edmonton throw the game and rest most of its starters anyways?

I think the game today with the Als and the Argos is going to be big. If the Als win I think the Argos are out and to go into Montreal to face them especially with the roll they are on is not a pleasant thought either. If the Argos win then it all comes down to next week as who is in and who is out in the East. Personally I want the Argos to win today and hope Montreal gets bumped out next week. Hamilton while they have improved they certainly played a stinker against Ottawa and should have lost and I think the Riders can take Hamilton . Toronto is about stopping Ray and Owens. Not an easy task either but Montreal has the Riders number just like we seem to have the Stamps in the playoffs. Some teams for some reason just have an edge over certain teams for whatever reason and that is the case with the Als.

So getting back to the Eskimos how do you shut them down and how do you attack them? Obviously as I mentioned containing Reilly and White is key but how does the defense manage this?

On the other side of the ball how does the offense have success against them? O line will have to really step up in both protection and run blocking that is for sure but what other ways does the offense generate momentum? Like I said the Eskimos defense plays extremely aggressive and challenges the receivers space. Is there a way to take advantage of this? Any ideas?

they may as well save some money and lose in Edmonton. Oddly enough I could see them beating Calgary but I don't think they have a hope in hell against Edmonton.

Ouch. So your saying they can't beat the Eskimos and this grey cup is the Eskimos to lose? I know they are good but every team has a weakness, its finding it and then exploiting it. So where is that weakness on the Eskimos, has anyone spotted anything that the Riders or any team take advantage of?

I would never admit defeat before playing the game and I'm sure the players wouldn't either( or at least they better not if they do then go to another team) On any given day any team can beat any team. Its to keep it close and then make a play that can change the game in your favor.

I would love to see the Riders go into Edmonton and pull off the "upset" and stun the Eskimos and their fans. If they did then they would be up against a very good team in Calgary also, but I think they can again pull it off. That said how cool would it be to go through the East and not only make it to the cup but win it? Something that has never been done before but there's always a first time for everything. Besides that they would either face Edmonton or Calgary for the cup and for the Riders to beat either in the biggest game well that would just be the ultimate burn.

I think they can beat the Stamps, not so sure on the Esks. I think the Esks can beat the Riders, not so sure they can beat the Stamps.

One point missing here is DD if he returns, he has a way of stepping up his game come playoff’s! I would prefer the west side myself as I believe we can beat both teams. should this happen, I think we can take it all with the cup being played in BC. If we go east side, and we play Montreal at home, that could be our down fall. Like I said, it all hangs on DD’s return!! JMO

Personally I believe the Riders can beat anyone IF the o line can step up can give our qb whether it KJ or Durant time. We get the run game going and that opens up everything else. If the o line can not do the job then I don't think it matters if they go East or stay in the West.

Chick, Foley, George MUST be monsters and make life a living hell for the other teams qb. If they can't then the secondary gets picked to pieces.

Well the way Edm is steam rolling....nope, I don't think they can. The only thing I could see happening is maybe...and I mean maybe...Edm rests all their starters against Sask this weekend, then go's into the semi with inflated heads and we eak out a win...maybe a bit reminiscent of '97? After that, it's anyone's game.

Well this isn’t the brightest of forecasts of who will be available even for the first playoff game . Taken from todays LP

"Consider, too, that three other prime-time players - slotback Weston Dressler, left guard Brendon LaBatte and right guard Chris Best - are injured and unlikely to play Saturday.

Dressler is expected to return for the Roughriders’ playoff opener Nov. 16. As for LaBatte and Best, Roughriders brass is hoping to get one of them back for the post-season. Further details are scant, given the secrecy surrounding injuries."

If Best and Labatte are not available for this weeks game then I can’t see how they can even consider having Durant in even for a series. Yes Durant needs to get back to game speed but without two of our best O line men it may be pointless to put Durant in with a good chance of getting smacked around and quite possibly re injured.

What a blow it would be not to have both Labatte and Best for the first playoff game bad enough to be without one but especially without both the chances of there being more goes down considerably in my opinion.

I hope KJ really put in some extra work during this bye week both physically and in study with Cortez. Something tells me that he may be seeing a lot of playing time.

Still hoping that its not going to pan out that way and both Best and Labatte can suit up against whoever we play in the playoffs. With them and even if KJ is the guy at least we still have a shot be it a long one though. No disrespect meant towards Joesph as he has shown pure grit and heart coming out of retirement trying to help the team. If all the players put as much effort as he has into it they could still pull this off and no I’m not counting Durant out either.

I thought our o line played well in Calgary without those two though I agree they are better with them in. They should look at trading Best in the offseason. He's good but every time you turn around that guy is injured.

idunno man...DD is practicing today, and throwing the ball...I cant see that he would practice if they weren't seriously considering putting him on the 46, because I am pretty sure that if he practices at this point they can't save his SMS.

Video of him tossing some short ones

[url=http://globalnews.ca/news/1650792/riders-qb-darian-durant-throwing-the-football-at-practice/?hootPostID=654e00775498d927ada55c316878e4f3]http://globalnews.ca/news/1650792/rider ... 316878e4f3[/url]

Best was scrimmaging as well, and both Taj and and Hughes took some reps as well. I don't expect either to be back this week, but could potentially see it in the playoffs. I am guessing Best will be ready...Labatte...who knows....but if they are iffy on him now he is likely good to go by playoffs.

On the other hand I am suspecting Dressler is taking the game off, but he was at practice. Go to today's videos on here and they interview him at practice.

Mike Reilly is not starting for the Esks

oh, having just listened to Chamblin's video he seems to echo that DD will be a consideration for the game. No way will he play significant time IMO, but I could see him on the 44.

Well watching the video om TSN by the sounds of Chamblin Durant isn't even close to being able to start. Honestly if he isn't a 100% good to go I would shut him down for the season as hard a decision as that would be . If he injuries that same elbow then it could be a career issue then. Might be time to face the facts that this may not be our year.

I would still rather they err on the side of caution if it means we have a healthy Durant for next season. This one has been a cluster **** pretty much from the start. May have to regroup in the off season and dump some players and sign some FA's.

Need to bolster the defensive backfield and get a good MLB.

Well I'm back from my bye week from the team... LOL!

I still honestly think the Riders best option is to stay West.... I know that Calgary and Edmonton have had our number this season, but those games have all been without Durant. and the last 2 games against each team (both with Joseph at Starting QB) have been really decent games for at least 45 minutes.... those losses could be pinned on just a couple of big plays and a couple of bad penalties at key times.... Things that can be cleaned up anyway.

I also believe now that Joseph has had some extra time, that will be to the Riders benefit as well...

For the game this week against Edmonton, the Riders need to play to win. They need to go into the play-offs on a positive note. If the O-line can get back to early season form (and not take dumb penalties) and the special teams can just be average (not downright terrible), we will win the game. The Edmonton passing attack has been average against the Riders this season... Eliminate Bowman, and that is 50% of the passing attack. And they need to focus on White in the backfield. If they can shut down White and Bowman, their odds to win goes up drastically

Lastly, I think Durant will dress. He will likely see a couple of series here or there in the second half, or maybe run a few tandem plays with Joesph here or there throughout the game. The Eskimos may be sitting a few starters throughout the game, so it will be an opportunity for Durant to get some game time in against some depth players.... beneficial both for getting time at game speed, and not getting pressured by Edmonton's best.

well I think Durant should shut it down for the season, but he is the only one who ryally knows I just hope he makes the right decision.

I'd say his doc is the only one who really knows, but yeah.

He was officially activated from IR today

Pretty shocked DD didn't make the 46...if nothing else to play with peoples heads a bit more for playoffs

Also surprised to see Dressler on, and apparently starting. Bit of a bold move with an ankle that was bugging him all week.

LaBatte and Fulton back on the OL...glad to see them getting some action going into the playoffs to endure they are ready.

Allen, Turenne, Burdette, Anthony on...nice to have Burdette back inside and I am hoping Anthony actually dresses...would love to see him get some reps.

Maze is out, hope his is ok. Toston dropped, disappointing as Miller is still on the 46.

Smith, Woldu, Vonk, Adcock, Boudreaux all also off

i don't really have an issue with Durant not dressing. It may be a bit of distraction especially at home even if they had no intent on playing him. Dressler should rest unless 100%. Glad labatte is back but was also hoping Best would be too. Toston out is a big disappointment as I thought he did well in the first half against the stamps and deserved to get in.

Burdette…got hurt. Now he gets to show the world what he can do.

Turenne in for Maze…that’s all the depth we have. I am not a huge Turrenne fan.

Weldon and Macho at LB…not sure what my read is here. Will they split time or is one guy the guy and the other a backup. macho listed ahead of Weldon so wait and see.

No DD…no surprise.

Not sure what I can expect. Need to see a solid 60 minutes. I’d rather see a spirited effort, with 7 or less penalties (especially special team returns and O-line).

But Burdette is new and I will watch him go. He gets his crack at it even though I thought he was lost on the 6 game IR.