Edmonton vs Ottawa 103rd Grey Cup

Yup, Stamps aren't coming back from this.

So, who can play better?

Ottawa isn't coming back from this... no need to even play the game!

Edmonton just looks dominant, and absolutely hellbent

Best Offense vs Best Defense.

Classic ...

If a depleted Ti-Cats line up using a 4th string QB can light up the "Best Defense" to the tune of 453 total yards..... the Eskimos, will have no worries next week!

Jinx Thread

Let the festivities begin in Winnipeg. Cheers to the REDBLACKS.

I'll be pulling for the RedBlacks in this one.

Me too.

Evil Empire / RodBlacks Grey Cup!

Ottawa has the "Best Offence" NOT the "Best Defence" in 2015
That belongs to Edmonton :roll:

(Ottawa only has the "Second Best" defence :wink: )

It's refreshing to see a new matchup in the Grey Cup. Hopefully it's not a blowout and we get a really good football game next week. 2015 started slow, maybe we can cap it off with a bang.

Two teams that have been rolling and relatively healthy. Should be a good game, with no excuses.

even in defeat, I'll still root for the RB's in the GC as well.

Nothing against the Esks but an Ottawa victory will cap off the feel good story of the year and bring about much needed publicity and interest back to the game.

hope it is an entertaining contest either way with the score at least fairly close.

After watching today's games, wow the CFL of old.
Tons of scoring and two awesome exciting games.

Are you concussed ? Who claimed Ottawa had the best defense ? It is clear they have the best offense and Edmonton has the best Defense in the league.

Yeah really. Who thought that Edmonton and Calgary would put up that many points?!

...go RedBlacks

The Stamps almost came back?

There's already a thread..look before you post

Edmonton will win the Grey Cup. Definitely the better team.

We had 2 entertaining games today and the weather was great for this time of the year.

All CFL fans should be happy.