Edmonton vs Montreal

Kanis Reed should get a job as a morning greeter if his coaching stint ends

Black sucks.

Ray's not looking good. A bad hand-off and a bobbled snap. :expressionless:

Yeah, rough go for Tigger.


Watkins, no. :thdn:

Didn't matter, Richardson fills the void and gives the Als the lead.

Watkins lost sight of the ball with the crossbar perhaps?....TD none the less on the next play 7-0 Als

Apparently there's 100,000's of people( maybe even more) doing just that this year. :wink: :lol:

I wish I had beer.

...but maybe it's good that I don't.

Not bad Armstead.

I really like MCGill Stadium, next season I'm gonna go there!

This is gonna suck. :roll:

Back to back sacks, Als d looks solid.

That's three sacks, not good. Als looking tough pushing the Esk's O-Line back

Montreal is bringing Quebec's version: Swaggervillè

Where has THAT Etienne Legare been all his career? Great play by the Rouge et Or grad

Oh dear.

How the mighty have fallen. Blowout. Guarantee it.

Good d Eskies there.

I think you guys were up 0-10 in the first if I wasn't too drunk to remember?

Why would BC give Whyte up, I don't get it.

Esks are not looking too good here.

Stamps out hurts the Eskies.

Ouch Wojt.

For cripes sakes, ARMSTEAD??? Is that all we could find for a return man? How many times has he been a reject from one team or another?