Edmonton vs Montreal

Should be a good game; some say lots of points/stats will be put by Calvillo and Ray. Both teams are struggling as far as the return game goes; Special Teams excitement would be a plus. Big Bad Als are still the Easts Beast until proven otherwise.

is it game time yet???

I for one believe the Als won’t be First in the East for 2011.

the Bombers have a nice schedule here for the next little while and they can make a lot of distance between themselves and 3rd place. the Als are nowhere nearly invincible but this is more due to the East getting much stronger and the West has also weakened somewhat since 2010.

Winnipeg has played more home games than Montreal and they are 2 points ahead. Let's see if Buck can stay healthy for 18 games before handing the division to them.

Good point. Come the latter part of the schedule, things may be different.

As far as the game tonight, very close to call but I'll give it to the Als since the game is in Montreal. One thing is for sure though: If the front D can't get pressure on Ray, it's going to be an air show out there.

Was Armstead the only addition to the receiver spot in place of Stamps? The only imports I see on the cfl.ca roster are Barnes, Armstead, and Marcus Henry, the rest are NIs which don't exactly strike fear into the heart of anyone. After Barnes, whose left as a dependable receiver who can make 5-6 catches for 70 plus yards? The best group of offensive players might be in the backfield for the Eskies this game. Me thinks Ray might end up handing off the ball quite a bit tonight.

Looks good to me on your research wolverine29; The only other addition on receiver is Non Import Nowacki, but his main duty is the holder for Duval on fieldgoal attempts. Nowacki was the holder before he got injured, but then the Eskies may still go with Ward as the holder also.

Can’t wait! My most anticipated game of the week next to WPG BC.

Esks are into a very tough stretch in their schedule, could be make or break for them.

Yeah. Winnipeg and Montreal on the road, a quick breather against BC at home, and then it's the Labour Day back-to-back. Gonna be tough.

2 excellent qb's going at it, should be interesting. A lot of pressure on the d's for sure, both qb's are excellent so no cheating there and both teams can run although the edge to the Eskimos with this perhaps.

We have a pretty Rough schedule too. 4 our of our next 6 are on the road.

No pre-game? Lame.

In about 22 Min. FYB.

I didn't think it was possible for someone to beat the game out of an athlete, but I think Tiger's wife did just that. Dude got more balls in the water than in the cups. :lol:

...fixed it for you...(damn, family friendly forum, gotta remember that)...

For serious, TSN, you had to give us Black tonight? Get ready for three hours of Black discussing AC’s records. :roll:

[url=http://unisports.me/stream/stream.php?id=M14d7c21c9f17a7387ca7f0998b94c70b110728121056&msg=1&matchname=Edmonton%20Eskimos%20vs%20Montreal%20Alouettes]http://unisports.me/stream/stream.php?i ... 0Alouettes[/url]

The game for those watching online ...

I don’t get all the hate on the commentators? I think they do a good job, maybe I’m a laymen, but I have never been irked by any of the combinations.

RB or whomever, AC's records do deserve lots of talk and Black is enthusiastic at least. And yes, he's ok in my books.