Edmonton Vs Hamilton at Home Game Thread

Where is it?

If there isn't, this is it!!!

GO Cats GO!!!

Boreham Field goal.....41 yeards...Hamilton 10, Edmonton 8.....where is everyone!!??

pissed of because we can not see the game on tv.
back to the same shit of years back

mass to flick 20 yard touchdown.

Maybe everyone's had it?

Maybe those not at Ivor Wynne or watching TV or watching now-available Webcasts?

Beats me... anyways, way to go Flick!!!

And way to go Sam Young!!!

WOOOOOHOOOOOO 2 offensive touchdowns in 1 game.. what did we do to deserve this??... oh yea.. supported the team the last 11 games!!

The Ticats are looking more like a football team tonight. The defense looks fired up.Maas has made a couple of good throws including a TD.
Tough break if Hudson is gone for the season with what looked like a knee injury.
I thought they should have dressed Lumsden even if he didn't see much action...maybe Desjardins is going to be the vindictive type (Jesse wouldn't sign earlier so make him sit a game) He said on TV that Jesse needed more practice...I don't buy that, he knows how to run back kicks...but anyway I predicted at the first of the year that Anthony Davis was going to be a top rookie so I'm looking forward to his performance.

So does DaVon Fowlkes!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but Jesse is the guy most of the people came to see...but where have they been hiding this Fowlkes guy all year.

what a catch by Flick!!!!!

Good catch

Looked like he was down...

That was close but he was down

Well, if nothing else, at the end of the season, we'll be able to look back and remember: In the battle of the basement, at half-time, we were winning!

A real stretch to find a positive


half the distance for the face mask...

VERY nice job.. .27 points in the half.. WTG Cats!!!!!

Boreham has shown some redemption as of late. That's 9 field goals in a row

I'm pinching myself. Am I dreaming?