Edmonton vs Guelph

Seems like I can't get a prediction right for the life of me but it's a long season and I am due. I figure this game comes down to how well the Eskimo O-line plays. The teams match up pretty well although the Cats have a big edge in kick returns. I am going to say that the Edmonton O-line comes up big and Edmonton's rushing game plays a big part. My heart says this is a close game but my gut says it will be a blow-out one way or the other. Hope it's the Western visiting team.

I think once again, this one is up to the Ti-Cat defence to lose. The offence showed last year and vs the Argos that it can get the job done. What it comes down to is can the Ti-Cat secondary keep Fred Stamps in line. He is one receiver you simply cannot miss coverage on. Our D.Line was putting a lot of late licks on Ray last game, so the pressure is there, it's the secondary that needs to step up.

I do think the Cats should in no way underestimate the Eskimos though. They might not have looked the greatest against Sask, but things can quickly turn around in this league.

Edit: I should also add that Andy Fantuz isn't dressing and is on the one game IR list. A little concerning there.

"Classic" matchup of two down and out teams battling to see which one remains winless.

Not quite sure that we can call either team "down and out" after one game.

Just ignore him; he's a troll with nothing better to do than rag on other teams. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, interesting news; Edmonton just announced they've extended Kavis Reed's contract as Head Coach. Interesting decision.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/esks-extend-head-coach-kavis-reed]http://www.cfl.ca/article/esks-extend-h ... kavis-reed[/url]

I find myself highly interested as they are playing in another city. I like seeing different venues in the CFL out of pure stadium interest.

I can never pick Hamilton games correctly, so hopefully they finally prove me right and win one.

Yes, two down and out teams. One of which took the Argos to the last play of the game last week. I mean, Hamilton has an excuse, they finished last in the league so some rebuilding it to be expected. What's the Grey Cup champs excuse? Also great work in BC btw.

Fantuz not playing. That's going to hurt the Ticats offence.

yeah and no Stalla. We have some depth so we should be ok

Yeah and only 12,000 seats sold

Could be a blowout in Hamilton for their Home Opener between the Tiger Cats and Eskimos.
Eskimos don’t have an established Quarterback so it will be tough to keep up with Hamilton’s Offense.

Here is my game preview http://canada.skyleraction.com/cfl-hami … ert-picks/

I got the Tiger Cats and the Under. Who do you got?

Ti cats win big. Eskimos in for a long season !

Already a post on this game, why start another?

Because the O.P. wants to advertise his website, that's why.

Edmonton looked terrible last week, and I don't expect much more from them this week - although they should be able to put up some points on Hamilton's D.
Come on cats, give me a perfect week in the pool!

:thup: early season slump :wink:

Hamilton has the edge in this one, Edmonton has NO QB, how can fans in Edmonton watch a guy who is the starter who is an unproven back up at best? The Eskies made a huge mistake in recruiting when they lost their starting QB, they should have picked up Quinton Porter at least he's had more playing time than anyone one on their roster at QB??

But we already know that Quintan Porter isn't going to be a good starter, based on seeing him in more games. He's a good backup. Given that, why would they want to bring him in and still have to develop someone else?

Reily hasn't been the problem, he has actually played quite well the O line on the other hand has been questionable.