Edmonton vs.BC who will come out on top?

the eskimos will beat the lions on friday night
this will be a heck of a game but the esks are too good for the lions. Ricky Ray's numbers last week against hamilton were outstanding
RR MVP![/b]

I don't understand this. How can you compare Esk's against hamilton wiht Esk's against BC, or any team for that matter. Besides Hamilton sucks. They lost ALL their games so far

Ricky Ray is easily the best quarterbck in the entire leauge. he will not lose a beat in the bc game. he will rip apart the bc secondary :lol:

Whats his pass completion rate? Better than 75% or so? What evidence do you have that ricky ray is the best QB in the league?

everything he does. he is an outstanding player.anyways edmonton will come out on top of this game

So you're basically saying that there is no evidence, you are just hoping that what your saying will prove true.

he is the leader in yards passing he can do everything pass run scramble.
he is the best

In my opinion the only reason why he is good in passing yards is because he cant run. Dickenson still gets the job done. Ricky Ray sure he's good but the Esk's aren't winless. And please don't say DD has gotten lucky. Totally Bull. DD earned his rate of pass completion and he earned those wins. Sure he may not get a whole bunch of yards in passing but i think that's only because he has a running back that can back him up so he doesn't need those huge passing yards. On the other hand the Esk's don't have a very good running back so Ray has to do it himself.

hey bonj... you don't have anything to stand on here... Ray has thrown about 75 passes more than Dickenson... so it's only fitting that he has more yards... and he has 3 more TD's than Dave... but he's played an extra game.... but i can list off 5 passing catagories that BOTH Dave Dickenson AND Damon Allen lead Ray in... also... you saying he can scramble??... nowhere near as good as Dave can scramble... want some stas to back that up?? Dave 26 carries for 161 yards... 6.2 avg... Ray 20 carries for 65 yards... 3.3 avg.

Dave is THE BEST QB in the leauge right now... hands down...

dave is always injured...how can u say he can run wen he doesnt have a knee..and yes edmonton does have a good runningback in Ron McLendon.

ok... first... Dave WAS injured last year... he's healthy now... and he CAN run..... even better than your "good runningback Ron McLendon"... want more stats??.... as posted above Dave has run the ball 26 times for 161 yards and an avg of 6.2 per run.... your "good runningback Ron McLendon" has run the ball 33 times... 7 more than Dickenson... and only has 162 yards... 1 more than Dickenson on 7 exrta carries... his avg is only 4.9 yards... before you go making incorrect statements... you might want to look into it first... instead of just basing your argument on your bias.

yer a pointdexter... ok well acording to my calculations on baby dave...who gives a shit we all know that Ray is the better qurterback and the esks will kick some ass on friday night

.........not a good argument if the facts can't back it up Dudley.........from an outsiders pov, DD is the better QB of the two......

we'll see come friday who the better QB is .bonji you forgot to add the GREY CUP ring ricky ray has

bonj... spout off all you want on groundless statements... they mean NOTHING if you can't back them up with facts... or at least good reasoning... and you have provided neither... so you have nothing to stand on...

and a Grey Cup ring means NOTHING in the regular season... that was from years ago and has no relevence in a regular season matchup this year... it really doesn't mean much in the post season either... but it would at least have a bit more weight then...

Bonj where was Ricky Ray's team last year in the Grey Cup?

bonj.... do you actually watch football or do you just spit out random things....? Just give credit to Dickenson and the Lions because you dont ecactly see 74.9 completion average too often...... Just quit while you're ahead.... I have a feeling tonight will either go real good or really bad and if things do go terribly wrong, may I suggest you change your username because the way you're babbling, not too many people have respect for you......

He doesnt seem to be very well received with his comments thats for sure.

dave dickenson is a trooper huh? oo my back is sore because i slept the wrong way...like i said he is injury proned

I've never seen such ignorance since the Greene bashing...