Edmonton versus BC

Jeckyl and Hyde quarters for both teams .

Penalties an issue .

Close game Esks up 20 -17 .

Harris drive … 27 - 20 Esks .

They found the weakness of Stublers D .

on another front .

finally a beer commercial .

Apple , Mazda , Kelseys , Coors … Good to see .

The BC away uniforms are a big improvement . They look sharp .

So many empty seats.

Noticed that too but it looks like people standing around near the end zones. Have they added “social areas” as they have in Hamilton?
Surprised there wouldn’t be more there to welcome back Reilly.

It’s been a rough, chippy game at times.

If someone told folks in pre season that Harris and Davis would be lighting up the cfl after 2 weeks … who’d of believed it ?

Yup and it looks like Hervey forgot that although Reilly can escape pressure he still needs some semblance of an OL! He’d getting killed out there!

Mike Reilly is showing he is all washed up. The Lions over paid for him.

Looks good on BC.

The team just can’t seem to catch a break.

The Al’s of the West.

Don’t think he’s washed up but even the best QBs need some protection out there and Reilly’s OL has NOT been good most of the night.

Not sure why it bothers me it really shouldn’t .

I always want to straighten Claybrooks hat .

From the stare of Hervey he might do it himself he looks tense .

The Esks are on fire .

When you spend 700k on a 34 year old QB in a league with a salary cap as low as the CFL, you have to give it up somewhere. Calgary will face the same fate with Bo though Huffnaegel is a better GM than Hervey.

And BC hasn’t looked too great so far this season. Lots of new moving parts but enough talent so they should manage to get it together, but there are definitely going to be growing pains!

I agree that they overspent for Reilly which leaves them vulnerable for quality depth if they have too many injuries during the season. The way Reilly is getting knocked down, he might be one of the first casualties!

Reilly is getting smothered .

First hit was good .

The second hit was too high .

He is getting pounded tonight .

With so many players coming at him, you’d think that he could find one receiver open down the field but apparently not. EE doesn’t even have to worry about getting any more points on the board - just keeping BC down.

Looks like BC realized that if you hand off to the RB the QB might stand a chance of staying on his feet a bit longer! ::slight_smile:

and another sack…

O Line is non existent for BC

…what’s Edward’s problem?

That was a awkward moment .

Not a good loser? No need for that crap though.