Edmonton trying to get our #5 Pick

ArashMadani Arash Madani
Latest #CFL trade talk: #Eskimos trying to package 2 2nd round picks to get #Ticats 5th overall. Edm had been talking to #Argos about No. 2.


I hope we say no

Bombers have made a trade Details to come around 12:30 EST

My Guess is Edmonton made a deal with them
when we would not trade back

The #Bombers trade is with the #Eskimos (surprise, surprise). An American DB in exchange for a draft pick in 2012 (late round pick). #CFL


so it look like the 1st round order has yet to change

Bombers have traded LaVar Glover to Edmonton for a 6th round pick.


The pick traded was for 2012 and it's a 6th rounder ..
so Bombers have 6th round pick next year. via Edmonton
tillman get a good DB in return this year

Glover had 34 tackles and 2 INT in 12 games laast year before missing the final six with a groin injury.
Dave_CHED via Twitter

On his best day Glover is an average import DB. A pick is a fair exchange.

Everything League Effects the Ticats in some way
This East Divison Team every time they make a move
It Changes the East .
It CFL News But this coming from someone who so near sighted
He make MR Magoo look like he has 20 /20 Vision

I propose Obie imposes a trade imbargo with Tillman. No truck or trade - no way.

We only really need 3 picks, so aquiring more makes zero sense whatsoever.The only way i'd pull the trigger on this deal is if it's a round 2-3 + an import player (DB, WR, OT, or DT)

What if they threw Kamau 'Fryingpanhandson" in? Oh wait, we could get him for nothing. Tremendous value there. :roll:

Fred Stamps! :smiley:

YES! :smiley: