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I just wanna go on record as saying I think it's complete crap that Toronto's having a home game in Fort McMurray, ALBERTA! The Argos are essentially playing 10 road games this season. This should be an Edmonton home game. Guarantee the Eskimos fans outnumber the Argos fans by at least 10-1. Unless the CFL plans to fly in a bunch of Torontonians...


That said, Go Esks Go! :smiley:

Agree - ( except for the Go Esks part ) they should have used this as a TOUCH DOWN ATLANTIC GAME. At least the Argos would have been playing in the East.

This is just one more thing for those CFL haters to point at .

...if ever there was ever an instance where a team was handed the W before the game even started this is it, toss in the fact that RR is down to injury and this is basically a 'gimme' for the EEs...

Us fans in Edmonton would lose our minds if the Eskimos played away from Commonwealth in a regular season game... I was slightly perturbed we lost our preseason game. So no, it should not be a home game for Edmonton since we can bring in 30-40,000 fans any given game. And I BELIEVE Toronto was paid around 3 - 3.5 million for Fort Mac to have the game there. They're making a lot of money Saturday.


PS - Nice to see you haven't died Chief, haven't seen a post from you in a long time :wink:

Money doesn't win you games. The Argos are still playing 10 road games while we get 10 home games. I know Edmonton is a big draw, and you don't wanna lose that. But it doesn't make Toronto playing a home game in ALBERTA any less dumb.

Exactly. This thing is a farce and the league does not need stuff like this.

Never said money wins games. But it'll sure help the sting when we win.

But the only choice in the East was a "home game in Montreal" There was no way that was going to happen.
Ottawa is hosting a World Cup game tonight and Hamilton is preparing for the Pan Am Soccer.
Besides the Fort McMurray people were putting up a lot of sponsor money.
It is too bad that there aren't more Argo fans - since there are direct flights to Fort Mac on West Jet and Air Canada from Toronto.

It seems some of the posters in this thread are unaware that there was a thread about this when the schedule was released earlier this year.
I suggest you go to that thread and catch up there.

Let's get to commenting on the actual game on this thread. :thup:

Granted, Fort McMurray is not London (there's a stretch I know), but the NFL every year takes away a home game from 3 teams to go play there.

Touchdown Northern Prairies?

Liked the Thread title...

I had the audacity to call it poor business by the Argos in another thread and got roasted by a few. # millions dollars does not buy you fans and butts in the seats is what the Argos need. How does this game sell the Argo brand in their own home city that for too many years has developed a natural apathy towards the team.

This does nothing to rebuild the fan base at a time when, do to the sale and move to BMO next year, they have an opportunity to attract fans. This is a moronic business move and typical of the old management.

Argos would have lost this game even if it was played at the Skydump but it could have at least been used to sell the team for the future to possible local fans. How many Fort Mac fans are likely to attend even 1 Argo home game next year? This should win dumbest move of the year.

brihind88 wrote: This is just one more thing for those CFL haters to point at
Who cares about them? They are never going to be CFL fans anyways.

And yes dcmoses, done by the old management as you say. And was Orridge commissioner then? At any rate, I don't care, it's an important game as is any game in a 18 game schedule. Anxious to see who wins it and I'm sure the fans will enjoy it.

And East-West, Canada is becoming less focused on this divide. When I lived in Fort Mac for 6 months way back, I think close to half the town, well I'm sure it wasn't half, seemed like they came from Newfoundland talking to people and it's easy to spot a Newfie anywhere when you talk to them. 8) Great folk I will say! So see, Ft. Mac is in the East Division. :smiley: And even if there are more Eskie fans, it'll be like home to the Argos especially when the Riders play in the Skydump. The Argos will feel right at home! 8)

Another thing I pointed out about this game, it could be a blessing in disguise as far as on field performance goes. Under Millanovich the Argos have a better road record than they do a home record.

I just find it a completely moronic decision by a team that should be trying to rebuild it's fan base not alienating it. Hoping for a good game, but being that it's the Boat People I'm not holding my breathe. I keep my expectations low with this lot and I don't get disappointed.

As I wrote in the Eskimos thread, I am not feeling that confident at all for some reason. But the location in Fort McMurray swayed me enough to change my pick to the Eskimos in the VGCC.

I am afraid to admit my Argos do not have much of a chance and have to be a minimum 14 point underdog.

The official word from Argos brass Friday was: β€œI have no anticipation of what kind of crowd to expect.? Translation: Not good. Heck, there was even talk of tearing down some or all of the 10,000 temporary seats used in the Eskimos preseason game here two weeks ago, leaving just the 5,000 permanent ones.
[url=http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/06/26/displaced-home-opener-against-eskimos-fails-to-sell-out-rays-record-500-with-toronto]http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/06/26/dis ... th-toronto[/url]

Surprise, surprise, Slim comes up with a negative CFL story. Looking at the seating charts, there are between 3 and 4000 seats left. Which there has been 11-12000 seats sold so far. I have been checking periodically the seats sold and looks like in last few days about 2000 have been sold. Am I saying that it will sell-out, no, but there will be more than 5,000 that you are trying to put out. Maybe the Argos should get the counter that counts the TFC and Jays attendance, they probably would say there was 30,000 there.

I don't care if they pack in 100k, it still does absolutely nothing to sell this team to the Toronto market when the "home" game is being played 3000km from your home.

Dumbest move this season and one of the dumbest this franchise has made under this ownership.

But it's ok for the NFL because they don't have attendance issues to play a home game for one team in London, Eng?

I think both the NFL and CFL are trying to take gridiron to other places to market the game, a game which is really just played seriously in two countries and very, very seriously in just one country. Who the "home" team is in these sorts of broader marketing issues for both leagues is not all that relevant in the grander scheme of things IMHO. Remember, these are very "one offs".