Edmonton @ Toronto

Kickoff in about 40 minutes. Got some Keith's chilling in the fridge. Let's hope for some good games.

I missed last night's. Surprised to see Ottawa get a blowout. I picked them to win but thought it'd be close. Congrats on their 2nd win. :thup:

I like Lawrence, but he should've taken the knee in the endzone. Now we get to start at the 5. :roll:

That Owen's TD courtesy of Lawrence.

Argos made them pay for not giving up 2

Here comes the East again....7 zip T.O.

Where the hell was the PI?

I sure don’t see any. . .

BS. First Lawrence gifts the Argos a TD. And now the refs are. :roll:

wasn't enough evidence to overturn it because they couldn't find any interference. Wow. :thdn:

Suspect PI, unless TSN was looking at the wrong guy on the replay. I wouldn't be happy if that was against my team.

I must say, it looks good on Chris Jones though. That guy needs to chill out and drink one of Chief's Keiths.

That was some fine foot work if he didn't go out of bounds. :o

Anyone touches my Keith's and there's gonna be consequences and repercussions :lol: .

There ya go Chief, Lawrence redeems himself for you.

EDIT: I think he's out of bounds, but I don't think there's enough video.

If they couldn't overturn the PI, I don't see how they can overturn this.

not sure why, but I hate every Toronto sports teams with passion

The next time Lawrence tries that again , he is going to get smoked. Looked like he was going to out of bounds and the Argos let up not to get penalty.

Yeah, definitely no clear video evidence. If he was out of bounds, it was by a hair.

McCoil just obliterated the returner. Even I felt that one. :lol:

I love how Rod has no idea what's going on.

Rod: "The Argos will have to boot it away."
Me: "The dome's closed. Why not go for the long FG?"

What do the Argos do? :lol:

I think Rod Black is secretly a Rogers plant! :lol: :wink:

Chief, is Sherrit hurt ?