Edmonton @ Toronto

Odd, arguably the best game of the week so far (half time) and no comments. Thought Mitchel was dirty but I think Potlicker is worse, plays for the cheap shot but cries like a baby when he's hit. If you deliver you should expect to take. At least Mitchel excepts that.

Great quarterbacking on both sides, should be a good second half.

It`s nice to see Reilly growing into the role as starter.

Second half; I have to give Toronto the edge here; Chris Jones will figure something out to screw with Reillys mind, and thatll be the difference.

But we all know which game will end up being the TSN Game of the Week, don't we?

Agreed. Pretty good game in the first half, but Toronto seems to have a slight edge over Edmonton so far in the third quarter. A much better game than I expected.

Ricky Ray is playing so good, it's scary. It's really a pleasure to watch a great QB playing at his best the way Ray is. :slight_smile:

Not to take anything away from Reilly either, though; he's getting better by the week.

I'm running behind in this one, we started watching an hour late due to other stuff going on. It's been a topsy turvey week in terms of the top teams looking beatable, and Edmonton came to play today.

I still like the Argos at home, but it's nice to see a good contest! :thup:

Jariel King the new Argo fullback? Pretty hard man to haul down, apparently.

Kind of disgusting to hear the Toronto Sports Network defending Owens on his objectionable conduct. Not difficult to see who they are supporting.

Chad Owens is one good football player.

Chad Owens the person is a jerk.

Just my opinion.

I thought that was close enough to call pass interference

And then defending the no-call against Carter, saying he didn't put his hands in the receiver's face. No, he just grabbed the receiver around the waist , preventing him making the catch.

Also has his back to the QB and his hands up, clearly screening on the play.

It was going both ways. Owens got shoved and he responded. Flag both or neither, but to call only one of the (doesn't matter which one) makes no sense.

Toronto penalty, fifteen yards, for Chad Owens being a jerk. . .

What a catch!!

TD Smoes

Even though he made the catch where was the flag for pass interference

OK, I'll argue it. We had 2 dogs to start the weekend, but this is not a great game and certainly not as entertaining as Calgary/BC.

And no one in the league, absolutely no one, is dirtier or cheaper than Khalif Mitchell. I could feel for an injured Rob Murphy or Diamond Ferri, but if Khalif Mitchell suffered an injury I would applaud. Mitchell is also no better at taking than any other cheap shot artist, he'll rip your arm out and that's just a football play, but watch his reaction if he feels he got a cheap shot.

Agreed, that is TWO calls not made that were blatant... offsetting the phantom calls we've had all weekend in other games?

One thing that will kill this league is inconsistent reffing

I disagree, I think this game has been great. Ray and Reilly are both playing incredibly well, and Edmonton is still very much in it. If this goes to overtime, which it very well could, I'd say it'll be the best game of the season so far.

You're easily entertained.