Edmonton to announce signing Rottier

cfl_esks Edmonton Eskimos
#esks press conference at 3:15pm today to announce major player signing #fb #cfl

Well knock me over with a feather. :roll:

Haha, never heard that one before. What would be really cool now is Ticats taking away Tillman's bobble away by signing Fantuz. That would be priceless. We went through a similar situation a few years back in Montreal when Lefsrud signed with Edmonton. Sadly he had to retire due to a non football accident the following year.

I would love that. I can't stand Tillman. That is sad. I don't wish any ill will on Rottier except that I hope his play stinks and he takes LOTS of penalties. :lol:

Frigging TillMan. :twisted:

From a Drew Edwards article dated August 23 2011....

[b]"And it would appear that Rottier is, at the very least, willing to listen. After some initial nervousness at making the move East, the Rottiers have developed a strong network of friends in the community.

“I’m open to it. I like the coach and the guys I play with — they’ve really treated me well,? he says. “I love it here.?[/b]

Funny how all that changed in the space of a few short months....

Yeah but, all the coaches and many of the teammates have left

Yeah, that's the case, Expat. But such is the nature of professional sports. Change is inevitable. Rottier better get used to it or he may find himself moving many times more!!

With the loss of Rottier and Jiminez I have real concern with the OL

From the Edmonton Sun....

[b]"Eskimos head coach Kavis Reed is pleased with Rottier's development since joining the league three years ago.

“I must give praise to the Hamilton Tiger-cats for the way that they developed Simeon,? Reed said of the team Rottier played 48 games with, including four playoff appearances. “Despite the fact that he was taken first overall, they developed him the right way by moving him into guard and allow him to get his time in.

“Now we feel that that will allow Simeon to be able to move out and play in his natural position as a tackle.?[/b]

As a Tiger cat fan, doesn't that just give you a warm fuzzy feeling......

Does losing Rottier give me warm fuzzy feeling, oldfan?

No, it gives me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Canadian Tackles are worth an arm and a leg in this league.


Jason Jimenez is not gone yet.


I'm not too concerned about our offensive line.

Brian Simmons played well at LT last season in his rookie season and should only get better
Dyakowski is solid at LG
Hage is an all-star centre.
We lost Rottier who started at RG last year.
Belton Johnson played well at RT last year in place of Jason Jimenez (Good Riddance to Jimenez). However it would be nice to start a Canadian in this position.

Wayne Smith provides great flexibility as he's able to play any position on the offensive line. Our "6th man" if you will. Don't forget, we've got Pascal Baillergeon coming in to camp this year and we might see Moe Petrus. We also have the 3rd overall pick in the draft.

Remember, in 2008 when George Cortez won a Grey Cup with Calgary they had two rookie canadians starting on the offensive line. Maybe we could plug in a rookie at right guard and look elsewhere for a right tackle or stick with Belton Johnson.

Hage is 31 years old and coming off a year where he missed 1/2 of it. Remember, we traded his replacement.

31 years old isn't very old for an interior lineman.

We drafted his replacement last year, Moe Petrus.

Dewitt played well last year, but the run game suffered when when Hage went down. Don't underestimate the value of Hage. He was the Eastern Divisions Most Outstanding Lineman in 2010 and was likely on his way to winning that award again had he not gotten hurt. Injuries happen.

Sorry, Ron, what I was referring to is what Kavis Reed said as to how well Hamilton prepared him for his return to Alberta. A tribute, perhaps, to the coaching here. And perhaps, a backhanded slap at the team that let him go.

It has been proven historically that O-lineman can play into their mid thirties and beyond.

Marwan has almost[?] never missed a game until last year's foot injury sidelined him.

In general, debilitating career-threatening injuries don't occur on the Offensive line.

O-lineman are mostly depend on their strength not their speed or motor skills anyway.


In these days of enforced salary caps, veteran with high salaries
are pruned from rosters by all teams in the CFL every off season

Often 30+ year old O-linemen with high veteran salaries
get released and replaced with younger cheaper players

They eventually find out that they will be paid a lot less money
and play as backs ups.[like George Hudson and Wayne Smith.]

What a valuable asset Wayne Smith was this year.

A former first round pick who saved our bacon
several times when players got hurt during games

The Ticats sure got a bargain with him.

Let's call it a tribute to our coaching not a slap in the face, oldfan,

Kavis is not like that. I agree with him and I respect his opinion.

It's the loss of Simeone Rottier to the Tiger Cats that gives me a sinking feeling in my stomach.

And just when i was getting comfortable with how his names are pronounced. :cry: :slight_smile:

Exactly. Dewit was Hage's backup, not his replacement.

Except that he hasn't shown he can play tackle in this league yet. He got burned at tackle as a rookie and was moved to guard.

Correct you are jerk. . . I recall it well; the Mrs and I were in Regina, attended the season opener match Saskachewan v. Montreal (the double overtime game), and we watched the Hamilton/Winnipeg game on TV. .. and Rottier, in his first game, looked little better than a pylon out there at tackle. Much better since they moved him inside to guard.