Edmonton the dirtiest team in the league

This is the second week in a row that Edmonton hits Glenn helmet to helmet. At least this time it was close to the end of a play. these players need to stop this. I'm glad the hit on the Esks player was at least clean and I hope he will be alright. Thankfully the Bombers have resorted to the dirty tactics of Edmonton.

What about the hit on Ray that just happened a few plays ago? Give me a break... :roll:

Fixed it for you.

The Wlls hit might have been a tad late, but for sure he let up.

Oh, I'm not complaining. But I'm getting tired of these ridiculous comments about Edmonton players have no class or how they're dirty players. Walls had a late hit on Ray and took him to the ground.

The hit on Glenn tonight was helmet-to-helmet, but it wasn't really late, and it wasn't a dirty hit. Both hits were the same in my opinion. The only reason we got hit with the 15 yards is because of the helmet.

So if this person wants to call the player who hit Glenn dirty, then he should call the Walls dirty, as well. Don't call one dirty, and try to downplay the other.

I think most (almost all) would call the helmet hit on Glenn TODAY not dirty

The hit on Ray was not a good thing to do but it was not helmet to helmet and he let up. He could have pounded Ray but he chose to let up. Edmonton must have asked the league to put the new rule in this week cause they know t"he glass slipper Ray" would have been dead without it.

The hit late in the 4th on Glenn was however dirty....

So Edmonton Fans tell me who is dirtier than you!

The Lions O-line, or so I hear.

Rumour has it that Kevin Glenn will have new protective gear for the next game.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3CzYw5-qdA&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3CzYw5- ... re=related[/url] :cowboy: