Edmonton Supporters versus Saskatchewan Supporters

Almost every day I read in the forums the Eskimo fans attacking the Roughrider fans and vice versa. It seems to me that the natural rival of the Edmonton Eskimos would be the Calgary Stampeders, and they would be bad mouthing each other. This doesn't seem to happen, nor do the Roughrider fans bad mouth the Stampeder fans either. It's always the Eskimos and Roughriders fans doing the trash talking. There must be some historical significance or something that happened years ago that as a non-Canadian I am unaware of that causes this to happen. Could you please enlighten me as to why the Roughrider and Eskimo fans always seem to be at each other?

I don't know the whole history. but I do know that the Riders always get murdered in Commenwealth, except in the playoffs where they have a not bad record, at least over the last few times we have played.
And the eskimos seem to have a problem winning in Taylor Field. But other then taht I don't really know why they dislike us so much, other then the little brother big brother syndrome. Some older more knowledgably people may be able to enlighten you more.
And on a side note. I don't discriminate, I hate the esks and stamps equally. :smiley:

Both teams seem to have very vocal fans on this forum. Fans who have a passion for their team and who don't back down when their team is (for a lack of a better word) dissed.

From a Rider fans point of view Edmonton has been a very successful franchise who seem to attract some of the best players (having the most profitable organization has helped this cause). We consider them the evil empire of the CFL (just like the Yankees of MLB). We also consider ourselves the underdogs (two grey cup wins will do that to you). But we think we have a competitive team this year and some of us believe we can go all the way. Therefore both teams have conflicting views about who is better this year and like to express those views.

It's hard not to like a Calgarian.. we're all very witty and handsome. :slight_smile:

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riders and esks usually match up pretty well against each other, personally..i hate rider fans, i think they are loud mouthed, contradictory, and there are alot of dumb rider fans. having said that, i know there are alot of intelligent, smart rider fans, that are true fans of the game, and i know that many rider fans hate esks fans because we always have a competitive team year after year, and the occassional esks fan will boast and be an ass about it, etc. i try to stay out of the pissing matches on here, they are a waste of time, each side is stubborn, as i am. you can see how biased my post is...i'm sure rider fans feel otherwise...it's just grown to be a rivalry...two of the league's outspoken fans duking it out

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Thanks, JM02 but I am sure fans from other cities are just as bad. But this is really going to far. Just like the manure tossing. Now if they were in Texas they would be heros for tossing cow pies! I took part in a contest in New Berlin Texas. You had to toss a cow pie certain distances into a comode bowl (toilet bowl). It was very funny it was in a football stadium and thousands of people there during October Fest!

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Actually Hank! This was sent into a Police district here in Calgary.

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When he actually gets the ball, he runs people over. Maybe you missed the game against the Als? I think maybe you confused Szarka with Diedrick.

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