Edmonton Sun speculates about possible Lumsden trade

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I really hate the thought of Lumsden leaving.In a sea of ineptitude Lumsden has been one bright light.Every time he has the ball there is a fair chance that he will go all the way.without him the last few weeks the running game has been poor.

I love JL, great running back. Flat out speed breaking a tackle, no one better. But all around back, no way, Tre Smith and Caulley are better all round backs, especially catching the ball out of the backfield and that. Jesse complementing a more regular or all round back, awesome, but I just don't think he has enough variety in his game to be what I would call the feature back unless he is 100 percent healthy and can just plow and race past guys. Without that, he is very, very ordinary because of his lack of other skills.

It's funny how the author of this article says that Hamilton isn't in a position of strength to deal Lumsden. If a team wants a Canadian weapon to power their playoff run, they will have to give us something of equal value in return. If they don't, they won't get said weapon. Isn't that a position of strength?

Anyway, If the Eskimos offered Guillory or Fiaccone, I think Obie would bite. Either guy would help shore up a weak area of our team.

This quote from the article parallels what Obie said in today's Hamilton Spectator

However, while a deal seems to make sense on many levels, it still takes the right pieces from Edmonton to make it work.

And O'Billovich hasn't received an offer that has piqued his interest quite yet.

"Unless somebody is really serious,

I'm not interested in making a trade," he remarked.

When asked if he was forecasting any major action on
trade deadline day, Maciocia responded:

"I doubt it very, very much.

I think what you see is what you get
tomorrow for the rest of the way (this season)."

I wouldn't get my shorts in a knot
over the prospect of Jess being traded.

The trade deadline is 4 o'clock this afternoon.

If you read what Danny Maciocia said here, as well,

it is unlikely a trade will happen.

What's more interesting is that Lumsden was a healthy scratch...

As far as Guillory or Fiacconi that does not answer any of the Ticats issues. Fiacconi couldn't make the Montreal roster or Edmonton's starting roster. Toronto could be ea destination but they aren't in any shape to make a run. So they might as well wait till Jesse is a free agent. That leaves Edmonton and possibly Regina if Wes Cates is in real bad shape. Not a lot of room for Obilovich. Might as well hang on to the guy if they can't get anything of any value. Edmonton's given their first pick next season to Toronto for Prefontaine...So even a 1st round pick would have to be 2010...

Lumsden won't sign fine, Can't get anything for him fine. He sits on the bench and waits till next year....

Whats the value in a player that is often injured and about to become a free agent these days?

Mocachoochoo whats Obie to give them a Zeke type deal. :oops:

Edmonton is in the best position to use Lumsden right now. Why? Because we have a viable Canadian RB to back him up. Calvin McCarty (2x CPOTW) has made a huge impact when he's been called upon to carry the load. Most teams will shy away from Lumsden for the same reason that Hamilton is now replacing him - injuries.

As far as what you could get FROM Edmonton, we have a lot of depth on our D-line. With Perry on the verge of returning from injury we have 4 solid DE's (Murphy, Guillory, Perry, Davis) but also good options inside (Romero, Davis, Anoai and apparently Taylor). The ones most likely to be availableto you IMO would be Guillory, Murphy and Anoai. Personally I'd be happier to send Taylor but DM has the hots for him these days. I know your secondary is looking pretty good these days, but Trey Young may also be available as a damn good safety (allowing Robinson back to HB where he played very well)

HOW MANY TIMES HAS THIS TEAM BEEN BURNED BY BAD TRADES??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY WOULD THE E,E,s WANT TO TRADE ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ,and Re EARL_"Without that, he is very, very ordinary because of his lack of other skills." what the heck are you smoking EArl???????????

We're not allowed to talk about that or we're anti-Ticat.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. While I would like to see Jesse with the Argos next year, Edmonton does have some connections. I understand his dad Neil, a former Eskimo, still scouts for them.
I could see it happening. Hamilton didn’t sign Kenton Keith to sit on the bench. A couple of players now and more or a first round draft pick if and when Edmonton signs Jesse for next year.

Come on, Obie...fleece Rick Moranis.

If Jessie isnt dealt , even for picks or joe blow, it could be a sign that Obie thinks a deal could still be reached over the off season.

If Obie thought the situation was hopless there would have been a trade by now. Hope to sign Jessie but listen to offers too seems to be the mindset.

According to Obie on TicatsTV, Lumsden has already scuttled three attempts the club has made to re-sign him. If a player does this, he will not re-sign with the club. It may not be a money issue, either. Maybe Lumsden feels he would be used more by Macciocca or another coach. Regardless, Lumsden will not be in Hamilton next year, so we should trade him for another starter now, IMO. We are stacked at RB, and a team that wants Lumsden for the playoffs can really be fleeced out of a quality player if they want him bad enough....which the Eskies do, in Lumsden's case.

Wrong, There will be NO DEAL in the Off season. Lumsden is a Free agent and can sign anywhere he wants. That same rumour about Lumsden going to Edmonton has been talked about on Dan Russell's Sports talk on CKNW radio over the last few weeks. So far all speculation.

I think money is everything here. If Lumsden just wanted a change of scenery either him or his dad would have let that be clearly known. Wouldnt be surprised if NL has fed some of the EDM rumours for neg. purposes and its no accident the news of Lumsden's three refusals came out either.

Just the nitty-gritty of negotiation , imo. (though, things dont look good now.)

If Jesse decides not to sign now and becomes a FA, I really don't think he will get the money he's looking for. At the same time maybe he does just want a change of scenery. Unfortunately, his injures will hurt what his true value could be.

I doubt he'll be traded. He's injured too often, year after year. He has great potential, but it comes with the risk a team would be acquiring a chronic part-time player. If he is traded, we won't get much. He isn't worth what we'd like to think, or what Obie might wish for; he's only worth what another team is willing to pay for him. That probably won't be much.

If he isn't traded, he'll try the FA market, and the same factors will limit the offers he'll get. He may well be disappointed when he sees what is put on the table. The best offer may turn out to be the one he gets from Obie. If he gets a better offer elsewhere, he'll take it.

So we will either get little for him in trade today, or nothing at all if he leaves after the season. I suspect he'll be back in Hamilton next year.

The NFL is not a possibility for him at this stage, I believe.

Pretty much sums it up for me too.

An Argo-Cat fan