Edmonton Sun: 2021 season may be lost

I have a feeling this summer would get very ugly if they continue down the same path as last year even if they had no vaccines .

Vaccines are suppose to be the hero and there is high expectations to get this covid 19 moving on and behind us as quickly as possible within reason .

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Personally, I feel that anyone who thinks we're getting back to normal by summer is dillusional.

First of all, the vaccines are only able to provide to about 95% protections (efficacy rate?), meaning there is still a 5% chance you get COVID. That in itself will give some people hesitancy even with a vaccine. Probably especially for those in the older age groups, which is also what tends to be the CFL's demographics.

Add to the fact that I don't believe any vaccines in the world have actually being formally approved as of yet. At most, they've received some sort of emergency authorization from respective jurisdictions. This allows vaccines to be used without having gone through the full testing process. In turn, this only adds to the hesitancy.

As a result, the number of people that gets vaccinated could be quite below initial expectations, thereby making it harder and/or longer to reach so called "herd immunity".

And then there also those who suggest that even after full vaccinations, things still will not get quite back to where it was pre-covid.

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I work in the tourism sector. For what it's worth, we don't anticipate the federal government to open the US or international borders until next fall or possibly even the winter.

As I've said in another post...the feds are saying they can't get 70% of Canadians vaccinated until the end of Sept. That probably means more like the end of Oct. (When do the feds ever meet a deadline on anything?).

So that bring us to Nov. They'll want to keep an eye on things for a while to see how well the vaccine is working, which brings us to Dec. Going by what we've seen previously, they'll probably want to keep the restrictions going through Christmas and New year's to try to avoid increases in infections due to family gatherings and travel. Which brings us to Jan or Feb.

The CFL would do well to find a way to get the teams on the field with no fans this summer versus waiting for some fans later in the fall.
If only there wasn't that pesky money issue that they clearly haven't resolved (i.e. haven't found a sucker yet) just 90 days prior to the start of camp.


If your going to stadiums with dementia maybe covid 19 is not the problem .

If the CFL needs old sick people attending the games the CFL is finished with or without covid 19 .

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Oh I don't think that's a problem for the CFL or any professional sports league.

It is a problem for the elderly and others with these conditions, who go about their lives in public doing the basic things we all have to do, when others ignore basic measures in these times.

And so there's the evidence you posted and why, but I don't think you have to worry about most of these folks being out in public around many other people in sports or entertainment venues even if they are distanced physically from them.

lets see. Male, check. Senior, check. Diabetes, check. Dementia, its a coming.

I think my days are numbered

Wow, thanks for the insider info. And wow it's disappointing to see just how much longer the borders could be closed for. Including with the US, even with a Biden presidency.

I wonder what that means for Canadian teams in the US based leagues.

Guess that also means I might as well now cancel any plans for heading state side for Black Friday shopping in November, even though we're only in February :(.

As for vaccines, it is provincial jurisdiction though, so they would set the timelines on when the innoculations occur, after receiving supplies from the feds. At least the delivered are expected to really pick up over the next few months, of course pending countries putting up export controls again.

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haha yep it's a cruel world . I am right behind you .

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P.s. no.

That was one of those NFL trolls and a one-time posting hack account. There are a few on here but we know most of them, and that one was obvious of course. Avoid.

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FYB, take a deep breath you'll be alright. You got that new truck too. Take it for a long drive when conditions are better.

Good to know. I won’t waste time wondering why.

They believe the numbers are high because most of the people with comorbidites are in care homes or have been down the path with other conditions that require care .

The numbers are amplified as they take up vital medical icu beds but the lockdowns of stores etc have never been shown to be correlated with deaths .

Maybe cases can be attributed but even that is still being debated .

The volume of medical care that has been extensive by seniors with pre conditions with covid related is clear .

Target this area and see if covid's severity can be harnessed .

That is the path to normal imo .

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On The National news program last night, it mentioned about 95% of deaths due to COVID-19 are among those 80 and over in Ontario...something like that.


Dr. Tam for once gives and outline that's possible down the road.

If removing toughest restrictions means allow some fans in stadiums, then a September start is doable.

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Seems like the 2 sides are on the same page much sooner compared to YTD in 2020


Yup. Now just need to find the dineros to cover the costs.

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That Bobby guy is a great actor. Loved him in "Casino"

Working with 6 provincial health authorities (plus federal) will be more daunting than working with 1.

Will need to seek an exemption to start before the vaccinations are complete.

Of course need the $$ to work too. CEWS is currently scheduled to expire in June but this affects all businesses.

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She specifically said she would not be removing any restrictions until the vaccination program achieves the 70% that authorities believe will get us to the herd immunity required. The feds have said that they can't achieve that until the end of Sept, which probably means the end of Oct (it is the Feds afterall, they don't finish anything on time), then they are going to have to wait a while to study the effect of the vaccine on the original virus and the variants (plus any new ones that come along).

I just don't see any way where gatherings above 50 or 100 or 250 are going to happen until well, well into the fall or early winter.

I'll say it again, the CFL would be wise to try to find a way to play with no fans this summer versus a few fans in the fall. That said it is 90 days to camp and it's clear they don't have the finances in order to do so.