Edmonton Sun: 2021 season may be lost

If the CFL has no season for the second year in a row I might very well be done with this league. This is ridiculous. I deeply love the CFL, but if it's incapable of playing there seems little point in following it anymore. It just doesn't seem to be important to the country that it continues to have a league.


Love this comment in the tweet. Summaries what it's really about

Any headline that has 'may' or 'could' in the headline shouldn't be taken too seriously.


how do you think they should have been able to play under present circumstances ?

I never expected them to.

Interesting how some think it's good to disregard an article simply because they disagree with what's stated, with no proof themselves to counterpoint.


Maybe because the article itself isn't any proof of a 'report'.

It's one person's opinion of what 'could' happen. Just like a 8, 10, 12 game season all could happen too. Now of course no season is possible as well and always has been but no decision on this is even close to happening right now.


Are you sure about that ?

I'm very positive about this :wink:

If the list of contingency plans has 20 scenarios, cancelling the season is #20

I think that decision is should it come to that is about 5 months away

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Should plan for a short 8-10 game season starting in September without fans first.


This seems like the can-do scenario, but I doubt they'll play at all if they can't have fans. It just kind of sickens me that other pro leagues can play, but not the poor red-headed stepchild CFL. And none of the richest people in the country seem to care enough to want to help ensure the league's survival. It's a pretty pathetic situation.


Anyone capable of logical thinking can see that the number of cases are in the thousands every day. There has been zero slow down of the contagion, they've tried everything. no masks, one masks, now they want multiple masks. Lockdowns, no lockdowns, curfews, no curfews.

Vaccination is way behind, the last time I looked Canada was ranked 59th. per 100 population worldwide. Now add that we don't even know if these vaccines are effective but judging by the fear of god they have of these new variants, seems an excuse is being prepared.

How can there be stadiums full of fans in a few months? Half the players can't even come across the border.

The only way there is a season. Is for the nine owners and players to go see the government and ask them to save their industry. Don't send Shrek, have Bob Young show up...

I suspect this is what the CFL is planning. Either the government helps the CFL. or the League gets shut down for good. Trudeau has handed out ONE TRILLION DOLLARS of our money so far and this will likely double. He can toss 75 million the CFL's way to save a 100 year old Canadian sports institution.

They say follow the science. They don't have a fruckin clue.


The U.N and W.H.O don't have a clue ?



CFL Fans at home I face masks watching pay per view bubble play on TSN 5 network.....in a place like PEI...NFLD....NB...Vancouver Island...which is isolated and where there is no worries of fan base. No need for full stadium or CFL regulation stadium since fans not an issue.

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CFL's biggest revenue source is fans in the stands though, so how does the League operate without it ?

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encourage more viewers by building 2500 seat stadiums. Seat tickets are higher and tv revenue might go up.

Become a charity org and then get the rich to donate for tax write offs.

Pay per view. TSN subscribers would pay an extra fee to watch games from home in pandemic persists. Also. Fans can still be a source of revenue if not at stadium.

PPV already exists through people paying their subscription or getting TSN direct for those who don't have cable/satellite.

Very few are going are going to pay more than what they do already, which effectively creates blackouts which won't be much different than not playing.

Maybe they could sell fan cut outs which won't generate much but at least they'll retain a TV audience

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They get 45.5 million from TSN which covers their player payroll, they just need the government to cover the cost of the bubble for roughly 1000 people for five months. That is at max 10 million dollars. at 2000 per person/month. Pad yourself 300 percent and ask the government for 30 million dollars in exchange for receipts. But the idiots went and asked for 175 million dollars. They tried to rob the public, not other way to put it. They tried to make a "SCORE" off the taxpayers.

Now the costs of running the business for two years and not refunding 2020 tickets that's on the owners to assume. They should have laid off people much earlier and used common sense, like any other business.

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I was thinking. TSN..subscribers would purchase an add-on channel like CRAVETV...or the games could actually be broadcast via CRAVETV. And you could also make it only viewable on via an app on tablet or phone if you wanted.

The issue with creating a separate channel or Crave is it take viewers away from TSN and be less desirable for advertisers.

People who don't have cable can just buy TSN Direct for the months they want.

The TSN contract has a ratings escalator so it would be in the league's best interest to keep the viewers on TSN.

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It's what the masses have done throughout history - this is how you get more corrupt leaders be they "democratically" elected or authoritarians or one in the same as we have seen in many examples.

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