Edmonton starts final phase of search for new name

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Football Team has started the second, and final, phase of EE NameTime public engagement seeking fan’s ranking on the short-list for the team’s new name, the team announced on Monday morning. This engagement process will happen from February 8 to February 14 on a survey hosted at esks.com/name. Upon completion of this survey period, the information will be collected for internal use in informing the decision on the name.

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I still like Elk the best

Evergolds is intersting rolls off the tongue nicely and it's another way to say Green and Gold without it sounding too 'Redblacks' like

Do not like Eclipse or Elements.

How did Eagles and Elkhounds make it on this list?


The Edmonton Eskimos had no justification for changing their trademark name.


I actually HATE the name ELK for the beloved Esks

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The only ones I like are Eagles , Evergolds

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Still think they should've gone with Green & Golds.
Don't know how they could think of using Eagles, the Philly team might not be too pleased. Golden Eagles would've been a better idea.
Hate that they went with Elk instead of the actual historic name the team used = Elks.
They probably already know what name they'll use, just using the survey to get more public interest.

Some of these are not real candidates no way. And I think the fix was in to rule out Elks, for I don't see them going with other Elk or Elkhounds for whoever made that decision to rule out Elks.

Is Eagles even a legal possibility?

Take out also Eclipse or Elements, imagine cheering "Go ..." I don't see it, and that's what is left.

Agree, they will always be the Edmonton Eskimos. This is what happens when you have stupid management and board of directors running your team. Surprised that Edmonton fans have not come out and demanded a new board and management. Keep the Eskimos name. Don't cave in to a small minority.


But you know they are not going back to that don't you?

The change is ultimately for the right reasons though as argued also in the other thread well beyond the zeitgeist of 2020, I think the made the change with the most shallow of understanding and communication with fans and beyond.

And so I agree with you that that board and management should go as they seem like shallow folks to me more about appearances than substance.

Disagree on changing for right reasons. They did a consultation and most inuit like the name. so why change it. it is not racist at all. Minority should not dictate to the majority.



from wiki. a partial list of teams named eagles in usa alone


Yes those are all amateur teams, and as noted above,the law in the US is different in such regards though I am not expert.

Would there be an infringement for a PRO team in the US or Canada? That's the specific question here.

Either Eagles is a legitimate candidate, or it is a shill on the list because it is a convenient one to be disqualified at the appropriate time.

I am thinking different league in different country should make it a non issue.

Just like with the AFL Eagles.

I dont beleive a single word can be owned. Now if there was another city named Philadelphia, then maybe they could not get away with it, but then again, I dont know that this would apply to different countries.

I might point out the most obvious example.

Detroit and BC Lions

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Golden Eagles for me .

Goes with the helmet colour especially from the 50's 60's , the old logo until a new one is inspired and the colour scheme .

The Elks mock up of the helmet design does look impressive .

If they Elk it up enough they can have lot's of merchandising young and old .

Not sure if the social mens club with the same name is an issue or not .

Yes, and again, this is one for the legal experts. There are grandfathering clauses in many associated laws and rulings. Going forward from now, it's far more difficult to use the same name.

The issue even comes up when a team moves and wants to rename itself after a team's name that is no longer in use.

Often somebody owns those rights and an agreement must be struck before a team can go forward without being taken to court on the matter. Sometimes things are worked out before any time in court, for court is very expensive in many regards.

It's not the same name that's the issue, it's mimicking another brand. The Vegas Golden Knights couldn't use Black Knights because it was a unique identify for an aerobatics team. A team name like Eagles is generic, so doesn't infringe upon the brand of the Philadelphia Eagles, unless the colours and logo mimic the NFL team.

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The consultation revealed a significant portion of Inuit didn't like the name. It may have been less than 50%, I don't know the full results, but if even 30% found it offensive why keep it?

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That's a significant number enough and far more than the common 2% or less on any given number of matters who get their way at the expense of the rest of us and when it's not something of nature or merit.

Scrap this campaign in 2021 - wait until 2022 for better times before committing to a new name with a haphazardly rigged campaign.

Here is some irony for CFL fans as the EEs seek another name . The NFL Washington Football Club is considering several new team names .
For years , Americans laughed at our league because 2 of our teams were called Rough Riders . Now the Riders is being considered in Washington .
I guess imitation is the finest form of flattery .

Pat Lynch ( I'd choose Redtails)