Edmonton signs Ranek


EDM gets Davis, probably the best RB in Ham.'s history, AND ends up with his supposed replacment in Ranek too.

Oh, the humanity....

dont they have antonio Warren too? maybe they will trade for Edwards and hold a small monopoly on decent running backs

yes they do have warren as well. maybe their just trying to create a good competition at RB this year in training camp. either that or their trrying to make a trade with someone.


The Eskimos won't miss the playoffs in 2007 ... book it

Glad to see Josh signed with a classy Western Team!

Will Ranek ever be the same after the injury he sustained in Hamilton? It affected him all year long. This could be his last shot to stick.

the little ball of Crap is gone -- no lost -- now we can use our Canadian run backs & free up a space for an American on the front line[/b]

He had 1 good game in Hamilton and he was healthy at the beginning of the season. Holmes steps in and looks amazing. I think moving Damien Cook from tackle to guard also helped!