Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

I’m going to be gone for 2 weeks starting today with no accsess to the internet but thankfully TV but before I go I thought it’d be cool if we started something on the Roughrider Forum that every week we just make a topic such as the title above or say next week it would be “Montreal @ Saskatchewan” (I won’t be able to for the next couple of weeks so if somebody else can that’d be great) and before or after every game we can go to that topic an discuss it, so here are my pre-game thoughts…

I’m excited to see how DD does without his 2 star recievers, as Milt Steagal said, Durant is really going to have to elevate his game, thankfully we have Dressler, Getzlaf and Clermont and Koch. And if our Passing game does flutter, how will our running game do? Will Charles see the field on offence?

On Defence we have to get after Ray early and not let him get into a groove because that could be dangerous especially with our young secondary and there top weapon in Fred Stamps. We need to get pressure or its going to be a high scoring game.

As for special teams, well Bon Jovi said it best, we’ll be livin on a prayer as far as our kicking game goes. Lets hope Johnson or Milo can get atleast 75% of the field goals he takes…

My overall view is that Riders win a close one 30-25. Again it would be great if somebody could make a topic for each game of the year and name it as such above but insert correct team and who’s home and away. But anyways have a good summer everyone and I’ll see ya in 2 weeks!


Not to be cocky, but I think Sask should win handily. 38 - 17

If they do not win by a 2 major span, I will be a little worried. The Esks are a rebuilt team and should take at least a few weeks to gel. JC will step in nicely in place of Andy, and he and DD should be on the same page. Koch and DD seem to work well together, Dressler is in the game, and we all know what Getz is capable of. as long as DD doesn't get stupid with his short flats we should be fine.

On D, we know that the run D will be improved, or at least existent with Etch gone, so that puts a lot of pressure on Ray. Patrick was a demon in the backfield last year when teams ran at will on the Riders. This year they should have to pass a bit more...could he have an even bigger season?!?!?

Yeah, I gotta agree with depop. Riders should win this one handily ... if they don't take the Esks for granted. This is a solid team that did no more or less tweaking than we did last year when we made it to the GC. Different tweaking but it is not the "starting all over" kind of thing that the mainstream media seems to make it out to be. Esks on the other hand?? Well, even if they are on the right track (a BIG if), it is highly unlikely that it will be in the first week. Riders by 17.