Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

Hey Grims, they switched back to TSN.

It's back on TSN now

Wow I have yet to see one good commercial during this game. And then a break with two TSN promos plus that dumb Degrassi show.

That one from Sneeling yesterday was the best one since of course The Most Interesting Man, but we have those down here anyway too.

Both teams already with a decent kicking game and good coverage even with those 50km/hr gusts.

It's going to be interesting to see what will do with the wind.

Looks like we accumulated 30 yards in penalties in the first quarter. Better curb that.

Do you know what the one after that punt on which we had good coverage otherwise was as they went to commercial? No yards or major foul or ?

Unnecessary roughness. Another great penalty by Edmonton.

And just like that it's 10-3. Edmonton damn well better have an answer.

Lets hope we don't start to fold , this is an important series of plays coming up hope we see Ray going deep.

Geez if the Roughriders can run it like that CFL Retro or American football ball control style using tight ends, they sure won't need to pass into the wind if at all.

Meanwhile still not one damn good commercial with most of them really dumb on par with most of ours down here during the NFL games in that regard.

Is there a quota in Canada, as there is seemingly here, that a very high percentage of commercials running on Saturdays must be really moronic? And we've seen Rona's Carlo again twice already too of course. :roll:

Another frickin procedure, are you serious?

Speaking of illegal procedure, certainly I would hope that the female employees of Tim Horton's are not all that ugly and b, if not also wearing a dead monkey, like that ninnie in that dumb wrap ad.

Welcome to Canada .

You guys don't have much faith. But I would agree, penalties and the usual shitty play calling will sink the EE. But every game is winnable for this team...with the right game plan. I still can't stand our coaching staff...

Wow on that broken gadget pass play by Stamps, we are lucky we did not get an intentional grounding. The ball did not cross the line of scrimmage and I did not see a receiver in site, but maybe he was outside tackle or whatever the rule is there.

Down by contact -- we'll win the challenge short of another blind soccer referee. :lol:

We needed that one :thup:

I am so glad his knee was down.

I like the refs talked it over without A challange

Getting quiet in Regina! I like zabransky in and I like that whitlock is catching this year