Edmonton @ Saskatchewan

Game’s about to start.

I’m starting a pool. How many penalty yards do the Esks rack up, and how many passes do the receivers drop. It’s $2 a square. Let me know if you want in. :lol:

But seriously, I hope the Esks at least make it competitive. :?

Um, TSN, at the bottom of the screen you have Calgary instead of Edmonton :thdn:

125 yrds in penalties ray passes for 275 yards 2 int 3 td whitlock has a breakout game . but I am feeling a bit delusional today.

Heat getting to you? lol

It's kind of weird seeing the Riders in the black and red uniforms. :lol:

120 yards to go.

I was just gonna comment on that call. :lol:

Did they just say Efrem Hill was released?

Game is in the NFL Network and being shown all across the States, I'm digging it here in San Francisco, but man, those Rider throwback unis are just wrong!!! Looked like Congi was wearing shorts!!

that was a lucky play

FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Its not on TSN, there's that lame ass sport called golf on instead. Nice fail TSN.

Its on tsn2

Boo! Just missed most of this drive. Everything on top of my computer desk came crashing down on me. That was a scary couple of seconds. :lol:

Looks like it's 3-3.

Ya I don’t get it. Or TSNHD. I know, I’m such a pesant with just regular cable.

Not sure I like the last 2 play calls in the red zone

Yeah, those uniforms are awful. Sask should wear nothing but their green.

:lol: :lol:

Kind of hoped we'd pin Sask deep. Buddy missed the ball, yet still managed to return it 15 yards. Come on, Edmonton, hussle!

I didn't mind it. At least they tried a designed running play, which they should have tried last week on the 4 yard line. Looks like Zabransky and the RB just had a mix up with the handoff. Talbot had room to run if the pass didn't carry him out of bounds.

Go Thompson! Now let's get a TD. No more FGs.

for a minute I thought it was Labour Day

Agreed. Green is needed...it's cool when we see unis from the 70s, but not the 1870s!!! These look like Stamp throwbacks.