Edmonton @ Saskatchewan GDT

They may be leading with 3:00 left in the 1st half but the RR’s are going to take this game if ESKS don’t improve in the 2nd half

at least 3 passes that should have been caught by EE receivers

Gawd! 3 man pressure and they sack Reilly, horrible! offensive line

You could be right, However still close game. Gable looks good, so more. More passes over the middle will win.

Second game today where the kickers are busy - at least in the first half. Big defensive game like the earlier one although at the half there are a few more points on the board than the earlier game.

Certainly expecting the RRs to take this one.

The esks aren’t very good at adjustments in the 2nd half

The way this game is going it might come down to a last second FG to win it although the RRs are trying to score the major here. Zach is looking pretty good here.

so far, both games today have been serving up turkeys! but an optimist could say that the defences are paying well becuase of the low scores

holy crap! can’t even catch a 5 yd pass,!!!

ok! so the story is don’t throw short to Hazelton

This one is getting heated after that huge hit on Williams-Lambert and the OC penalty on the EE player to keep the drive alive.
Gotta root for the Riders as I have at least three of them in my fantasy lineup including Collaros! Need a TD here.

i can feel the field is tilting in RR’s favour

What’s next … flag football ?

Edmonton, going down, again!!! What is up!!! This team is lost.

How the hell is that not helmet to helmet? I might not agree with the lax rules on hitting the QB, but they are what they are…That was most certainly helmet to helmet, and RTP as they’ve been calling this year. Plenty of lesser plays were called this year…
Was it just becuase the place would have went crazy on the refs if the pick 6 was called back?

And why the hell did no Esk chase the play till the end? Wasted 10 secs for sure…teribble by the Esks.

Call upheld the ruling on the field - can't blame Maas for trying at this stage of the game but he was clutching at straws.

Looks like the Rider D got the job done - enough pressure - and Lauther is successful on his last attempt to put a few more points on the board.

They’ve certainly had a rough season and have certainly not looked like world-beaters - even with Reilly.

I don’t blame them for trying the challenge - you have to give it a shot. It was the TSN crew … One would think only Edmonton was playing lol

Those points were big as they tied the season series