Edmonton... Renegades are looking forward to your visit!

If Edmonton is thinking of coming to Ottawa and expecting the same results as the 1st game of the year think again.

Since that game Ottawa has shown that (A) it’s not the doorstop everybody was predicting and (B) it can play with anybody in this league.

Ottawa played Edmonton, Montreal and BC - the elite in it’s 1st three tilts of the season and something good has rubbed off on this team. The bar was set high if they were to success and it seems that confidence is what the Gades have come out of the experience.

The Calgary game now showed them that they can play a complete game. They also have improved their production on Ofence and have reduced their stoopid penalties which pretty much cost them a game in BC.

Ottawa is the best executing team in the East - no question. If they play like this VS it’s eastern counterparts Ottawa can make a go of it.

Looking to Edmonton - exacting revenge will likely be the motivation.

If Edmonton puts in the effort they did with Winnipeg the results will be favorable for Ottawa.

No man. If EE puts in the same effort they did against the Bombers the result will be BLOWOUT OTTAWA.

Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Maybe we’ll have a repeat of when Edmonton was at Frank Clair last year when Joseph absolutely torched them that game. The final i believe was 42-14.

You are right. “IF” Edmonton plays the way they did last week, they will be be in trouble. That’s a big if at this point. Ottawa is doing well, now lets see if they can maintain it. They started out like this last season and look how they finished.

Should be an interesting game.


I hope Ottawa beats the tar out of them. Did I mention I have dispised the Eskimos since I was 8 years old. They are the only sports team in Canada I deeply dislike. If they played any team in the world I would cheer for the other team. Hey…at least I’m honest about it. Just don’t like them.

(Except for the three Eskimo players that caught that lady jumping from a burning building a couple of years back. That was pretty amazing and lucky for her they were walking by.) Good thing they didn’t forget and spike the ball after the catch! :x


If Edmonton played like they did against the Bombers (which was similar to how they played in Frank Clair last season), Ottawa should run away with it.

However, I don’t see the Esks doing that two weeks in a row, and I think they will handle Ottawa just fine.

I hope the Rens win, …but 2 games in 5 days is tough for any team. If they don’t win, I’ll cut them some slack.

Go Rens Go!!