Edmonton releases Kamau Peterson

Wonder who will make him a spot ? Toronto might be a good fit.

....If anyone was watching closely last year ( :lol: i know we all do)...Petersons play seemed to fall off radically and then he was injured.....hmmmmm If he returns to his former self and has a good camp, he could be a good pick-up by someone... :roll:

He certainly deserves to be at a CFL training camp.

I'm going to remain silent on the whole releasing of Peterson and Zabransky, because I'd likely have to ban myself if I commented... but regarding their futures, I wouldn't be surprised to see them in Toronto.

So, what happened with Zabransky why?

and why is it a bad thing

please, do tell :twisted:

Had a feeling Zabransky was going to get cut when Tillman and Reed couldn't get their stories straight on why he wasn't invited to the minicamp (Reed said he forgot; Tillman said the camp was for players brand-new to the team and that it wasn't unusual for veterans to not be invited).

Interesting times in Edmonton, to be sure. I'd imagine Peterson wouldn't find it hard to catch on with another team.

Edmonton is basicaly an expansion team with a good Quarterback. How is that team going to beat anyone in the West is a mystery to me...

He was our only back-up with CFL experience. Now we're going with two rookies out of college. Unless of course Tillman really does intend to give Kerry Joseph a call. So much for improving the depth at QB...

Defensive gameplan for the rest of the league: RUSH Edmonton's O-Line. If you can knock out Ray, Edmonton's season is done. We should probably start a topic asking how long Ray will last now that the rest of the league knows how to turn the Eskimos into the free spot on the bingo card...

(Probably shouldn't post when I'm angry. :lol: )

Excellent foresight!

Or drunk and/or tired?

so the Esks are going to have a new receiving core, only 1 experienced QB

Tillman is completely rebuilding this offense.

so there's no more Campbell, Peterson, Rector, Talbot, (wow)

all there is from last year's core are their running backs.

I'm truly surprised.

Responses below to you CFLIsTheBest: :slight_smile:

so the Esks are going to have a new receiving core, only 1 experienced QB

I sense Tillman has something still up his sleeve

Tillman is completely rebuilding this offense.

With damn good reason!

so there's no more Campbell, Peterson, Rector, Talbot, (wow)

Good (expletive) riddance. Please take them in Regina!

All there is from last year's core are their running backs.

Plus Ray and no you or any other fans can't have either one of the running backs so pee-pee off. :lol:

I'm truly surprised.

Why? Most of the time when a new GM shows up somewhere aren't there ample changes?

See, this is why I have a hard time taking you seriously. You're honestly going to crap all over Peterson, Rector, and Talbot? This is all you do. You crap on every single player on the roster. Oh, except for Ricky Ray. Him you like. Just because the Eskimos were a sub .500 team last season doesn't mean everyone on the roster sucks. The Eskimos have released some solid players. Give your head a shake, man.

The only move that is mildly surprising is Peterson. Even then, I was expecting him to have a hard battle in camp to make the team. Looks like he won't get that opportunity now.

Note please all just in case that my response was in green and not as quoted above.

But Chief I like most of the players we keep and just plain think Tillman is making mostly good decisions to reach for improvement with a new pool of talent instead of "playing it safe" sometimes for marginal players who "well they have CFL experience so blah blah blah :roll: ..." :slight_smile:

Obviously you disagree and must have overlooked my positive posts on new signings too? Are you still fuming beet-face red about Z and Dario Romero too? :?

Change is good now especially when your team was too close to the league cellar last season.

You like the new guys because they're new. :wink: If they were on last season's roster, you'd be calling for them to be released.

Tillman's making an awful lot of gambles this off-season, and he better pray they pay off.

Is there really much chance that he'll be fired? If the Esks only win three games he could say that most if the team is new, and it will take a few seasons for it all to come together.

I don't think he'll be fired after one season. His gambling could go either way: Either he looks like a genius or a moron. Right now it's not looking good... he's trading away draft picks for unknown players, he's cutting veterans, he cut our only back-up QB with CFL experience...

IMO this team has little to show for itself.But they're rebuilding, so you can't expect instant success, however you may get very lucky and have instant success.There's only one way to find out.

Not really sure what Tillman's about right now. I understand the need to rebuild, but a good rebuild usually involves retaining some valuable pieces of the old core. Eric is basically stripping the Esks down to Ray, Whitlock, and a bunch of no-names on offense. And this is with a first-time HC and OC in charge. No offense to Esks fans, but I have a hard time seeing how this team will stay out of the West basement this season...