Edmonton puts the kybosh on the Lions fortunes

Thanks to an inexperienced 3rd string Edmonton QB and at times an inept Eskies D, my "The Lions could all but wrap up 1st place by October 6!" dated September 19 has gone out the window.

Not to worry, the game on October 06 will be every bit as exciting in BC Place, perhaps even more so should the Lions lose against the Roughriders in Regina tonight. If the Lions should lose then Calgary will be playing for a share of top spot.

I'm wondering if there's going to be another full "moon" in Regina tonight similar to when Cornish was there. Doubtful. Our guys would never resort to such nonsense. Even McCallum was able to restrain himself though he was vehemently heckled by the boo-birds.

Speaking of moon, a rendition of Any Williams' Moon River would be nice when Cornish comes running out onto the field at BC Place.

Funny you mention Andy Williams in your post as he has passed this week. :frowning:

I was saddened when I heard that news. :cry: but the good thing is his music will live on forever. :smiley:

Funny how losing your two best receivers can change everything. Simon might be back a week after the Calgary game but its anybody's guess as to when/if Bruce plays again this season.

The problem with concussions is that they have potentially dire consequences, long after the player can't compete. Dunnigan now and Matt in his fifties might be two radically different people. At that point he'll gladly trade all the TDs and his name etched on the cup for a properly working brain.

Tough to win when you don't show up offensively for half the game, don't use your back more than eight times, don't use him when it counted on the opposition 50 with about 1:20 left, don't show any poise on the last drive and get your safety lit up twice in 25 minutes. The lions' D line and backers tried but couldn't get enough pressure on Durant and only forced one turnover. Elimimian seemed so into pass rush that he completely ignored the back that was his responsibility in the first half. Cauchy Muamba couldn't stop a beach ball all night. Lulay managed the game fairly well but panicked and served up an easy pick near the end of the first half that cost us three points. Take that mistake away an we might have had a different strategy on that last drive.

Kudos to Marco Ianuzzi for a strong game on returns and as a receiver. Dean Valli is a turnstile on some plays. He needs to either block or hold: last night I thought he was brutal. W can't get Jesse Newman back fast enough.

Special teams were okay but overall we didn't tackle well enough. Ditto for the defense, who seemed unable to adapt to what the Riders were doing until nearly halftime. Not good enough. If they play like this against Calgary under the dome they'll lose again.

C'mon boys, shake this one off, get some receivers some reps, get that guy Stewart more reps so he isn't dropping kicks and tell Jack Chapedelaine to use Harris more. The Riders were running it down our throats all game, proving the value of running the ball in all four quarters. We didn't even use Harris until the second quarter. Ridiculous!

Dooger :cowboy: