Edmonton Polar Bears (purple and orange colors)

Do what the Montreal Concordes (mascot change) did years ago and the Ottawa Rough Riders (red and gold). Call Edmonton the Edmonton Polar Bears and have purple and orange team colors. Both a name change and color change.

I think that your colour sense and mine differ to a considerable degree. :grin:


I agree that Edmonton FT should abandon the EE logo, which would lead to more imaginative names. Polar Bears is a great idea, teamed with the UofA golden bears.
Shouldn't have to change the colours, except to maybe Green and White.

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While I argue that is way too radical I do agree in theory

Trying to shoehorn a new name in while keeping existing logo and colours is an issue

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There's 9 teams in the league and you want a second team in the league with green and white team colors?

That ranks right up there with two teams called the Rough Riders/Roughriders

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We could change Ottawa back to the Rough Riders
Keep Saskatchewan as the Roughriders
And rebrand Edmonton as the Rough-Riders

Yeah that'll work :rofl:

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Yeh, I should have known better from that South Park episode. Maybe a solid green with a white polar bear logo and gold stripes on the sleeve.