Edmonton players have no class

I know everybody has been discussing the Barranachea hit, but what I found almost as bad was the Edmonton player's behaviour after that play. Barranachea's hit was incredibly dirty and late to be sure, but at least that took place on the tail end of an actual play where he was running on adrenaline. However, after that when the Bombers went to take a knee, after telling the Eskimos that they were going to be kneeing it out, Jason Goss on the first knee out crashes full speed at the pile and rips Picard's helmet off. That of course led to the fight and them both getting ejected. I'm sorry, with 13 seconds to go and no way to possibly get the ball back it is absolutely classless to rush the pile full steam. The ripping of the helmet just made it that much worse. It was a concious decision and it is simply bull****! Unfortunately nobody saw this on TV because they were just cutting back from the Gladiator or Turning Point.

I said it as well in the other post BD, that play at the end was even worse than the hit by chiapet. The Garden Gnone is the one who looks likes a schmuck in this whole thing for losing control of his bench at the end. He's a black eye on a good Eskimo organization.

I have been a Esks fan my whole life and ya your right that was embarassing and I’m not to proud today . Please can someone fire Machoaka already and have him take Campbell with him.

One player does not reflect on a whole team. This Edmonton player may have no class, but Im sure most of them do.

Yeah, keep it in perspective. I'll cheer for the Esks when any one team has as many GC's as them in my lifetime but even I accept that one player operating on emotion doesn't reflect the whole team or the whole organization, like a couple of "fans" operating on emotion don't reflect a whole fanbase for a given team, if you know what I mean.

Yah, Mochocka has never had control over his team. Ever. That was brutal classless behaviour when the game was over.

On a lighter note I was driving around in the first half and got to listen to Brain Hall yell "Touchdown....Eskimos....I mean Blue Bombers" and other bumbles.

He is so clueless I laugh to tears over his mistakes yet somehow I find him endearing because he is very non-biased and laughs at himself when he goofs up.

Yea, Brian Hall annoys the crap out of me.
I did hear Machocha defending this hit today. (Im sure it was not intentional) and the player saying (I was only trying to make the play)

Brian Hall is unbiased??? oh yea, me too... lol...

Ha Ha, yes Brian Hall, I too get annoyed when listening to him. But lets keep in mind who he's there for. Eskimo fans, not Stamp fans or anyone else. The man has been around for ever and is very passionate about his team. You have to admire that. He's no spring chicken either so gaffing here and then is to be expected.

He's first and formost a fan and supporter of the CFL and we need all the help we can get.

I agree Stampeder67, I feel that there is always a reason for a player to lose it or act the wya that ticks others off. You can not make a general statement that all eskimo players are classless. Football is a emotional game and sometimes players go out of character when the game gets them down. Yes it does not mean their actions at the time were classless. But they are human so really calm down the fines fit the punishment for now. Thats hope the league in the next CFLPA agreement can fix the loop hole.

Again people trying to paint evrybody with the same brush. Thats terrible.

Kevin Glenn's jaw is sore but he did practice on Tuesday and said he will play in the rematch with the Edmonton Eskimos on Saturday.

Glenn was the victim of a helmet-to-helmet hit by Eskimos' linebacker Agustin Barrenechea that caused a melee on the field. Six players were fined as result of the incident but no one, including Barrenechea were suspended.

"I'm fine," Glenn told reporters. "I'm out here practising so I'm ready to go."

Glenn would not comment on Barrenechea's $1,000 fine but did say that Barrenechea appologized to him following the game, however due to his condition he was not sure if the linebacker was sincere.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=251275&lid=headline&lpos=secStory_cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=251275& ... cStory_cfl[/url]

Sounds like Glenn is OK, and AB did apologized. Maybe now we can stop this "Eskimos are dirty and have no class" crrap.

He is. Hall gets just as excited when other teams score as he does the Eskimos. He also heaps praises on opposing teams' superstars. I've listed to Calgary and Riders broadcasts and they are terrible. They gripe about everything and get really negative on their teams and the refs. Brian Hall can't get left from right, up from down, east from west straight he mispronounces everbodys name and forgets who has the ball half of the time but I'll give him this, he's unbiased and positive compared to many other stations.

I hate the Eskimos and especially Hugh Campbell but I like Brian "the brain" Hall.

well, Im not so much talking about when he's calling the plays as much as listening to his show... I live in Edmonton and listen to that station at work so....

god, listening to Brian Hall is about as bad as listening to someone sing who has Chief Wiggums voice!..

you really have no clue what is going on during the game on the field when he's doing the game! you seriously have to try and figure it out for yourself!

the guy needs to retire! let him do his radio show in the afternoon.. but keep him away from the Football game, get someone who knows the game, has an entertaining voice and will sound intelligent on the radio!!

i'll volunteer!

I really don't like the title of this thread. As a fan of a team that's also been painted with a broad brush in the past, it's unfair to lump everyone in together like this. To say an entire team/fanbase is classless or dirty, based on the actions of one or two individuals, is ridiculous.

He should, in no way, be doing play-by-play.

The play-by-play announcer needs to be able to tell you who caught the ball, where, how many yards they got, how many more they need, etc. Getting some of that info while the play is happening is nice too

When it takes you 15 sec after the play to start relaying info, it makes you look like a dope.

He makes a decent colour commontator ( not good, but decent ), but they need to invest in a play-by-play announcer. Let him talk when the play is over.

Can't stand listening to him. I'm used to getting quality play-by-play on Rider Radio. Or Lancaster radio in the pre-season from Hamilton.

Like some Lions' fans did towards Rider fans after the beer can incident? If you are going to take BD to task over this, then its time to step up and say the same to some of your fellow Lions' fans too. I don't believe I have a read such a post from you.

Sambo that is debatable. I believe they stated those that threw the cans were classless did they not.

Personally, I think we should just let this topic die. I think it`s pretty clear that it was made in the heat of the moment. On to more pressing matters in the CFL…