Edmonton @ Ottawa

Thoughts on the game?

Another great analysis by Santino over at 3DownNation

My thoughts:
Big kudos to the defence. Excellent performance, the only reason we stayed in the game. J Rob finally got his pick, all kinds of pressure on Reilly, secondary did a good job despite having some starters out. I really liked the play of Boyett; I hope they can find a way to get him in the game more often. Also loved the noise RNation brought in the 4th quarter.
Anybody know why Whiteside didn't play? Never heard anything about an injury...
Offence was average. Hank played better. I like how LaFrance is developing, came up with a few plays when we needed them the most. Lauzon-Seguin looked pretty darn good at RT. Deane still needs to clean up the holding calls.
Hopefully we come back from the bye week with a few more starters back in the lineup.

That covers it pretty well.

Let's give some props to two rookies starting at one CB position and at RT. They might have been beaten a couple of times but they didn't seem to be out of place. A bit of a leap of faith from the coaching staff.

I admit that around the 3rd or 4th roughing penalty, I was questioning my faith in this league. I usually just accept that refs will make mistakes but the officiating really was ruining the experience for me.

Also a good reminder of the type of character these guys have. It would have been easy to go in the tank after the weird pick six, but they fought right back. Good for Robinson for getting his redemption play after dropping the game-winner against Calgary.

On the flip side, I know it's a natural reaction, but if Chris Williams at least makes an attempt to catch the one ball rather than hit the breaks in fear of getting hit, the game remains under Ottawa's control. I detest his tendency to dive to the ground on kick returns and he basically gave up on that one.

My thought exactly as the play was almost right in front of us. I said at the time, it looked like he put the brakes on early and never even tried to catch the ball and did not want to get hit. He is a great player but this is not the first time he wont lay it out there for a catch :?

Great game...
All except for Burris...going side-ways with his mouth "at half time".
Disgusting rant.. :thdn:
Made himself look like a "complete fool". :oops:

I disagree, the ball hit his foot just a couple of inches off the ground. If he goes down for it he doesn't get hit, if the ball was higher and he keeps running yes he gets crunched. He does a great job of going low picking up the balls and then does that spin move that turns a 5 yard gain into a 20 yard gain.
I can forgive a good receiver for missing a couple per game.

None of the starting wide receivers do kick returns too, I just want him to catch the ball and not lose yards. That's the job of Jackson, Jamil or other KR/PRs, that's their job.

I guess I might feel differently if I’d seen it as it happened. As it is, I was hearing about it on Twitter after the fact. Hearing it later was almost anti-climatic. Overall it was milder than some were making it sound, I thought.

Didn’t make the game any better or worse for me and I still think it’s being blown out of proportion. I just hope poor Matt Dunigan is over his “disappointment”. :expressionless: