Edmonton @ Ottawa

Little over half an hour. I got some ice tea chilling and I'm about to order some pizzas. Let's go, Eskimos! :thup:

I think Milt and Schultz oversold this game for the Redblacks. If they lose, it won’t be the end of their franchise. They’ll still have 14 games.

Seems pretty safe to assume that regardless of what happens the rest of the season for them the Redblacks are pretty much assured of improving on last years record.

Safety conceded - 2-0 Edmonton


Tough back to back runs for Bell, solid effort.

I'm liking this Bell kid. Also, great catch by Stafford before that.

Heck of a run by Shakir Bell. (Not a bad blocker too)

followed by a drop by Stafford in the endzone

followed up by an Ottawa pick-off in the end zone

Not a great start...

And I can't believe Ottawa got penalized for giving the ball away. I know the teams supply their own balls, but still. Seems kind of lame.

Thats more of a No Fun League penalty

If the weather continues like this, it would be advisable to both teams to secure as many points as possible before the playing conditions deteriorate

Nice catch, Bowman. :roll: Edmonton's leaving a lot of points on the field.

Surprised Ottawa didn't challenge. Looked like Muamba might have been a bit early.

4 dropped passes in a row?

Nichols is playing mediocre. Receivers are dropping the ball. Should we just go wildcat on every snap?

If Stafford hauled in that TD and they finished off the last drive with a TD instead of the field goal, it would've been 16-0 and the game might have been out of reach for Ottawa they way their offense is working tonight.

Mr. Black said slippery footballs - 5-0 Eskimos

I was wondering the same thing Chief. Sure looked like PI to me (and I've never thought much of that Muamba; not nearly as good as his brother). Nothing going right for Ottawa, Henry's overthrowing badly (should have 2 TDs), so he should have challenged to give his team a spark.