Edmonton @ Ottawa - 22 Sept. 2018

So what was C.J. Gable’s problem last week? Is he likely to start against the Ottawa RedBlacks on Saturday or will Shaq Cooper be the starting RB for the Eskimos?


First meeting of the season between these two squads.

Looks like I am gonna miss this one. I am in a TSN deadzone this weekend. Wish I could stream the audio.



Devastating Tornado yesterday in Ottawa!

100's of thousands still without power


Today's game will proceed as scheduled.
We encourage fans to take public transit to minimize traffic with road closures and intersections without power still abundant.
Stay tuned for more about the status of our tailgate.#RNation #Ottawa

5:56 AM - Sep 22, 2018

Stadium looks no worse for wear! :slight_smile:
A nice day for football

so far Ottawa has had 2 TDs called back by penalty.

This could come back to bite them.

Beautiful stadium. Beautiful location.

What an amazing day for football. I am off to Church. See you guys in an hour.

Ottawa continues to shoot themselves in the foot; 3 TDs now called back by penalties; don’t even get a FG on this one.

well, if Jason Maas is too stubborn to get rid of #26 Edwards, it is time to get rid of Jason Maas


the ref should be fired , he was right there…should not have to challenge this the ref is a putz!

Only if the Eskies get their rears in gear and manage to put together a drive to get at least within FG range. Almost half time and they have yet to score a single point.

They’ve FINALLY made it close enough to score = Maas challenging for DPI on the missed TD throw. Looks like he has a case here.

ya think!!!

With the aid of that DPI, EE needs to punch it in to get themselves on the scoreboard - and Reilly gets the job done.

they have to change the way challenges are done…one challenge per half or if you win your challenge you get one more…what a waste of a challenge…stupid ref…i need a drink!!!

…and another thing you can get rid of Rod Black and his redzone greenzone thing…

Agree with you about giving the coaches a second challenge if the first one is successful. I’ve thought that since they changed the challenge rule halfway through last season.